4 Roadblocks Sabotaging Your Route Planning. And How to Fix Them With

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May 17, 2024

Route planning is the backbone of any logistics operation, but it’s not just about finding the shortest path between two points. It’s about navigating a maze of challenges, from driver preferences to regulatory constraints, while ensuring timely deliveries and cost efficiency.

Conventional route planners often fall short. They offer technically optimal routes that fail to account for real-world scenarios like traffic jams, one-way streets, parking limitations, specific delivery instructions, road closures or even fluctuating delivery time windows. These oversights can lead to inefficiencies, missed opportunities and frustrated drivers.

Let’s say a delivery van from an e-commerce distribution center has to navigate a busy suburban neighborhood. The planned route might not account for limited street parking or permit-only zones near residences. Drivers can waste valuable time searching for a legal parking spot, disrupting the delivery schedule and potentially causing frustration for themselves and customers waiting for their packages. steps up to the challenge of modern logistics and location-driven operations. Understanding the complexities involved, we offer customized solutions to address common route planning problems.

Let’s delve into these issues and see how we tackle them effectively.

Top 4 Issues With Standard Route Planners

Does your route planner handle real-world challenges?

Problem 1: ‘Optimal’ but Impractical Routes

Imagine a delivery route: on paper, it looks perfect. Minimal distance, quick travel times. But a deeper look reveals a different story. Overlapping routes create inefficiencies. Driver preferences are ignored, potentially leading to frustration. Finding accurate entry/exit points or securing parking becomes a challenge. Traditional route planners often miss these crucial details, resulting in routes that are far from optimal.

Problem 2: Limited Support for Unique Business Needs

Traditional routing platforms offer cookie-cutter solutions that cater to basic use cases but are inefficient when it comes to addressing unique business requirements. Whether it’s custom workflows, specialized vehicle types or industry-specific regulations, standard route planners lack the flexibility and scalability to adapt to diverse operational needs.

Problem 3: Outdated and Inadequate Location Data

Route planning relies heavily on accurate location data, but traditional route planners often fail to deliver in this regard. Whether it’s outdated maps, irrelevant data, incomplete POI information or unreliable traffic data, these platforms struggle to provide accurate route suggestions and ETAs, leading to frustration for drivers and delays for customers.

Problem 4: Limited Scalability

Traditional route planners can become overwhelmed by complex logistics networks and large task volumes due to limited infrastructure or software capabilities. As the number of tasks increases or the logistics network grows in complexity, these systems may experience slowdowns or become unreliable, impacting operational efficiency.

Resolving Route Planner Issues: How Can Help

Real-world route planning, real-world solutions with

1. Realistic Route Planning with

We take a holistic approach to route planning, prioritizing real-world effectiveness over theoretical optimization. Our platform considers not only distance and time but also practical considerations such as driver preferences, delivery zones and parking availability. By optimizing routes based on these factors, we ensure that your drivers can navigate efficiently and complete their tasks without unnecessary detours or delays.

Customer Success

Stuck in the world of theoretical routes, an on-demand carpool service struggled with inaccurate pick-up and drop-off locations within building complexes.’s Snap-to-Road API offered a practical solution. By converting GPS points to road-compliant routes, drivers were directed to the correct building entrances, eliminating manual rerouting and saving time and fuel. This, combined with our Distance Matrix and Directions APIs, ensured route optimization, scalability, and clear navigation, leading to a better overall customer experience.

2. Tailored Solutions from

At, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a small e-commerce retailer or a large-scale logistics provider, our platform can adapt to your workflow, integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and scale as your business grows.

Customer Success:

Overwhelmed by complex routing constraints and scalability limitations, a prominent European Transportation Management System (TMS) provider sought a more robust solution.

Our Route Optimization and Distance Matrix APIs addressed their unique needs. By integrating these APIs, the TMS platform gained a significant boost in functionality. They could now factor in constraints like start time, distance, delivery windows, vehicle type and loading time.  This allowed them to optimize delivery sequences, handle large datasets for better scalability and leverage real-time traffic data for accurate ETAs.

3. Real-Time Data Integration with

We leverage cutting-edge technology to provide real-time map and traffic data, ensuring accurate route planning and ETA predictions. leverages a powerful combination of open-source and proprietary datasets, along with top-tier third-party data sources. This ensures your routes are precise, reflect the latest traffic conditions and comply with relevant regulations.

Customer Success

Limited by traditional map data and inflexible route planning solutions, this autonomous delivery robot startup struggled with inaccurate deliveries and a lack of control. stepped in with a solution tailored to their specific needs. We provided custom maps enriched with detailed sidewalks, crosswalks, and annotations, ensuring precise navigation for their robots. Flexible APIs like Directions and Geofencing empowered them with real-time tracking and control over their fleet. This enabled safe and efficient deliveries across various locations, including parking lots, curbside areas and even indoors at airports and malls.

4. Scalable Infrastructure with

We offer a scalable infrastructure designed to meet the demands of growing logistics operations. Our platform is equipped to handle large volumes of tasks and complex logistics networks without compromising performance. With robust infrastructure and advanced software capabilities, we ensure that your route planning system remains reliable and efficient even as your business expands.

Customer Success

Facing limitations with their previous route planner as they grew, ZUS Coffee found a vital partner in Our infrastructure effortlessly handled the coffee chain’s expanding network, providing accurate map data for reliable ETAs and cost-effective efficiency. This empowered ZUS Coffee to achieve all on-time delivery KPIs, expand their reach and achieve their ambitious growth targets.’s Approach to Route Planning

Hands-on support from testing to production

We go beyond basic solutions offered by common route planners to deliver a comprehensive solution that optimizes your operations and streamlines your logistics. Here are the core principles guiding’s route planning:

Map + Traffic Data Integration

Ditch the ‘as the crow flies’ approach. integrates real-time map and traffic data from leading sources to ensure precise routing, up-to-date ETAs and adherence to regulations. This translates to smoother deliveries and cost savings for your business.

Flexible Pricing

We offer customizable pricing plans to fit your needs. Plus, our route simulation capabilities allow you to test different scenarios before committing. With our platform, you can make data-driven choices and ensure cost predictability.

Powerful Optimization Engine for Complex Workflows

Unlike standard route planners, our robust engine easily tackles complex workflows. Whether it’s delivery zone allocation, driver preferences or order grouping, lets you customize routes and task sequences for real-world efficiency.

Truck-Specific Route Optimization

Haul with confidence. We offer out-of-the-box support for truck routing, including hazmat materials. Our system considers vehicle dimensions, axle load considerations and cargo type to ensure regulation-compliant and efficient navigation.

Hands-on Product Support

Our dedicated solution engineers and product specialists guide you at every stage — be it evaluation, setup, integration, or production. Maximize your ROI from the get-go with expert support that helps your team adopt our products and solutions seamlessly.

Advanced Customization & Control

Take complete control of your routing strategy.’s highly configurable system allows you to define custom rules, mark restrictions and add personalized Points of Interest (POIs). Plan and dispatch routes perfectly suited for any fleet, whether you manage agile delivery robots or specialized hazmat trucks.

Plan Realistic Routes That Work With G2 Badges Spring 2024 in Route Planning isn’t just another route planning solution – it’s a far more sophisticated platform designed to solve unique use cases, enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. Unlike basic route planners, we go beyond simply finding the shortest or fastest distance.

We help businesses optimize routes for real-world scenarios, minimizing fuel expenses and environmental impact. We equip you with the tools and expertise to navigate the complexities of modern logistics and achieve sustainable success.

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