Efficient Routing and Navigation for Waste Management

Get personalized routing, precise ETAs and streamlined task distribution, all while providing custom instructions to drivers.

Experience NextBillion.ai’s Tailored Solution for Waste Management

Custom Maps
Streamline route planning and dispatch

Generate optimized assignment and routing sequences, account for various factors like shift timings, vehicle capacity, traffic patterns and more.

Route Planning
Navigation solutions for complex and off-road segments

Navigate effectively through difficult terrain, unmapped roads, industrial areas, restricted zones and other challenging locations.

Electric Vehicle
Maintain flexibility while meeting compliance requirements

Easily configure the system to achieve compliance with local rules and regulations while catering to the unique intricacies of your operations.

Precision Tools
Highly accurate distance and ETA predictions

Maximize visibility, make better-informed decisions and optimize your operations with precise distance and ETA calculations.

Maximize Productivity, Minimize Operational Costs

Smart vehicle routing and dispatch planning

Integrate NextBillion.ai to effectively tackle your operational constraints, including mixed fleets, stringent service time windows and unique routing requirements, enabling you to ensure optimal driver dispatch and routing.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Visibility, safety and compliance at scale

Attain comprehensive visibility into waste collection operations while upholding safety measures and regulatory compliance requirements, such as speed limits, vehicle-based road restrictions, time-restricted roads and more.

Effortless route management and road restrictions

Reflect precise representation of real-time or anticipated road closures and restrictions in your routing and navigation interfaces. Stay on top of your operations and keep things on track.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Optimization via clustering of collection points

Divide or group a large number of waste collection points into smaller clusters based on certain criteria, such as minimizing distance, to simplify operations and maximize efficiency.

A Complete Solution With NextBillion.ai’s Powerful APIs and SDKs

Distance Matrix API

Route Optimization API

Generate the fastest, most efficient routes that meet your custom operational requirements

Routing API

Navigation SDK

Ensure safe, efficient navigation through every route with turn-by-turn instructions for drivers

Geocoding API

Clustering API

Divide large numbers of waste collection points into smaller clusters based on specific criteria

Navigation SDK

Distance Matrix API

Compute distances & ETAs between available vehicles and waste collection points

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