Clustering API: Group Similar Data Points for Improved Routing and Job Allocation

Intelligently manipulate data to streamline data organization and analyses, optimize resource allocation and make better-informed business decisions.

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How it works

How clustering api works

Why Choose’s Clustering API?

Group similar data points to identify useful patterns

Uncover hidden insights within your location data to drive better-informed decision making and enhance business strategy. The Clustering API intelligently groups similar data points based on specific user-defined properties, enabling quick and easy identification of meaningful patterns and correlations.

Reconstruct routes with accuracy
Optimize fleet and asset management capabilities

Optimize resource allocation to lower costs and improve response time

Drive down travel distances, costs and response times by grouping tasks, service requests or delivery locations based on proximity. Efficiently allocate vehicles, personnel and inventory accordingly to maximize resource utilization, resulting in streamlined operations.

Configure clustering and routing as per custom operational requirements

The deep customizability of’s Clustering API empowers you to adapt it to your operational processes. Configure routing or job allocation around cost objectives or other constraint parameters as required, providing a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Increased visibility for insurance telematics
Visualize the complete user journey

Increase operational efficiency regardless of industry of operation

Streamline operations using intelligent data clustering to enhance workflow efficiency. Experience the Clustering API’s impact in food delivery, field services, ride sharing and more. Elevate logistics and e-commerce delivery with grouped orders for efficient delivery routes, reducing transit times and boosting customer satisfaction.

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction with faster, more responsive service

Improve field operations by strategically assigning jobs and routing agents based on customer proximity and job type, thereby reducing travel times and maximizing asset utilization. Elevate customer satisfaction across retail, field services, last-mile delivery and beyond with optimized routes and allocation, enabling faster, more responsive service.

Increased visibility for insurance telematics

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How’s Clustering API Sets Itself Apart

Fleet Management

Customizability to Business Requirements

Tailor the Clustering API to fit your unique business needs. Configure routing options, cost objectives and constraint parameters, adapting the solution to your specific operational requirements.

Field Service Management

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Effortlessly integrate with your existing systems and workflows. Our API is highly scalable, capable of handling large volumes of data and optimizing operations for businesses of all sizes.

Insurance Telematics

Real-Time Adaptability

Tackle dynamic operational environments with ease. The Clustering API's real-time adaptability lets you respond swiftly to ever-changing demands in order to reliably optimize resource allocation and service delivery.

Field Service Management

Industry-Agnostic Application's Clustering API delivers results regardless of your industry of operation. From logistics to e-commerce, field services to retail, it transforms operations and empowers decision makers across sectors.

Mileage Tracking

Sophisticated Clustering Algorithms

Our Clustering API employs advanced algorithms to ensure precise and intelligent data grouping, enabling deeper insights and smarter decision making.

Asset Tracking

Proven Real-World Impact

The success stories of’s Clustering API span diverse industries, delivering meaningful operational efficiency and business impact to organizations of all sizes.

BETTER TOGETHER offers a suite of proprietary tools that make route planning and optimization easier and more effective.

Asset Tracking

Route Editor Tool

Incorporate custom road and traffic regulations, road closures, restrictions and speed limits in real time.

Asset Tracking

Route Optimization API

Simplify complex operations and generate the most effective routes that meet business requirements.

Use cases

Fleet Management

Field Service

Intelligently group service requests based on geographical proximity, enabling optimized technician routing. Minimize travel time, strategically allocate resources and enhance response times.

Field Service Management

On-Demand Delivery

Meet fluctuating demand by dynamically clustering delivery requests. Effectively manage high-demand periods, assign drivers efficiently and ensure timely, reliable deliveries.

Insurance Telematics

Logistics Operations

Seamlessly group delivery points based on geographical proximity. Navigate intricate logistics landscapes with ease, reducing costs while maintaining service excellence.

Field Service Management

Ride Hailing

Enhance driver efficiency and lower response times by clustering ride requests based on proximity. Seamlessly adapt to real-time demand patterns, improving customer satisfaction while staying cost effective.

Mileage Tracking

Asset Tracking

Group assets based on characteristics and locations for precise tracking and management. Optimize asset delivery or maintenance routes to reduce transit times and enhance resource utilization.

Asset Tracking


Categorize customer orders and optimize delivery routes. Group orders according to proximity or type of goods to reduce delivery times and ensure proper handling, enhancing the customer experience.

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