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Support Services Agreement

This Support Services Agreement(“Agreement”) sets forth the terms and conditions pursuant to which Pte. Ltd. will provide support for its Service(s). Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Terms or the Order form entered into between You and Us, as applicable. This Support Services Agreement only applies if the Order Form between You and specifically references this Agreement.

  • Support Services: The Customer’s authorized personnel shall report issues by e-mail in the English language to [email protected].  Support shall be provided [3] days a week except Saturday, Sunday, and any Singapore and Indian government holidays (“Business Day”)  and only between the hours 9.00a.m. to 6.00p.m(SGT) on Business Days (“Business Hour”),.
  • Exclusions: NextBillion shall not have an obligation to provide support for the following: (a)restoration of any data that has been lost due to the failure of Customer in maintaining backup copies, (b) the issue is due to (i) a failure on the part of the Customer, to use the Service(s) in accordance with the technical documentation provided by NextBillion, including any minimum service requirements;(ii) any accident or disaster affecting Customer’s network or systems; (iii) modifications or alteration made by the Customer without NextBillion’s approval and (c) Failure by Customer to install updates or improved versions of the whole or part of the Service(s) provided by NextBillion.
  • Response and Resolution: All issues reported to NextBillion’s customer support will be classified and directed to the appropriate team for resolution. Issues are classified under four severity levels as shown in the below table:
    The response time shall be 3 business days, however, the same may vary depending upon the below Severity level and on the plan that You are currently using.
Severity level Definition
Critical Impact – Service Unusable in Production Critical functions of your production application aren’t available with no workaround.
High Impact – Service Severely Impaired This issue is critically impacting a single user or critically impacting collaboration among users. Service does not work as expected, with no feasible workaround.
Medium Impact – Service Partially Impaired Service does not work as expected but a workaround is easily available.
Low Impact – Service Fully Usable Service does not work as desired, but functions (a workaround is not necessary).
  • Customer Responsibilities: NextBillion’s provision of support to Customer, within the Response time specified herein, is subject to the following: i) The Customer shall not permit or authorise anyone other than NextBillion to provide support in respect of the Service(s); ii) The Customer shall provide accurate  information and inputs requested by NextBillion so to diagnose and resolve the issue reported; and iii) resolution of the issue reported is within the control of NextBillion.
  • RPS Capacity Planning : RPS means Requests per second to the Nextbilion API, which is calculated as an average (number of Requests during a period of 5 minutes). Customer is responsible for notifying, 60 days in advance of changes in usage such as maximum RPS increasing more than 25% of the previous 60 days maximum RPS during the term of the Agreement. With this estimation, both Parties will use commercially reasonable efforts to prepare for the required capacity of the Customer. If the maximum RPS either exceeds by 40% of the previous 60 days maximum RPS or the Customer’s 60-day RPS estimation, then Nextbillion will not be in breach of, or be liable for penalties of, performance or availability targets specified in any part of the Agreement. In addition, if said maximum RPS is exceeded by any amount and there is risk to the Services and/or to other Nextbillion customers, those customers within contractual limits will have their requests prioritized.

This Support Services Agreement is Your sole and exclusive remedy (and Our sole liability) for Our Support Services.