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Deliver efficiently, scale seamlessly and reduce costs effectively with NextBillion.ai’s Distance Matrix API.

Factor in your unique business needs and plan the best possible routes — get a Distance Matrix API that works for you.

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Why choose NextBillion.ai’s Distance Matrix API?

Be it logistics, on-demand deliveries, micromobility or last mile — your routes are only as efficient as the inputs from your distance matrix. With NextBillion.ai’s Distance Matrix API, you can optimize your inputs in real time to find efficient routes that work for you.

Scale Seamlessly and Optimize Business Performance

A matrix size of 25*25 elements will suffice when your business is operating on a small scale. However, as you grow, you need a Distance Matrix API that can handle high volumes of API calls without compromising on throughput and latency.

NextBillion.ai’s 5000*5000 matrix enables you to seamlessly scale your operations as you grow. Such a large matrix size helps accommodate more stops and even ordering and reordering of stops, such as warehouses and offloading points, without sacrificing performance.


Achieve Positive Unit Economics with Accurate ETAs

Inaccurate ETAs hurt your bottom line — not only through operational and labor costs, but also by causing customer dissatisfaction, leading to loss of loyalty and customer churn.

NextBillion.ai’s Distance Matrix API generates accurate ETAs to keep your operational costs in check. To further drive positive unit economics, our flexible pricing models provide 2.5x savings on infrastructure costs compared to other solutions.

High Performance with Ease of Deployment

Our Distance Matrix API is cloud agnostic. This eliminates the fact that you’re not obligated to use any particular provider’s services, saving you the trouble and expense of having to modify your existing setup for the sake of compatibility.

You can deploy our API solution on-premises or in any of your cloud environments. This helps you achieve lowered latencies by 2x-3x, helping you increase your throughput by 10x.


Custom Distance Matrix API to Meet Your Business Needs

Existing plug-and-play map APIs don’t cater to specific business needs. Our AI-powered solution generates customized outputs by accounting for factors that impact your operations, such as mixed fleets, local restrictions and regulations, complex routing conditions and custom vehicle types.

With NextBillion.ai’s Custom Distance Matrix API, get:


Lower costs


Higher performance


Improved ETA accuracy


Support for
On-prem deployment


Improved latency

NextBillion.ai vs Google Maps Distance Matrix API


Tired of paying exorbitant fees? Facing latency issues while scaling up? We hear you. See how cost effective NextBillion.ai’s Distance Matrix API is in comparison to the Google Maps Distance Matrix API. Learn more.

Get the best value for any volume of API calls that you require

Save up to 2.5X with NextBillion.ai’s Distance Matrix API

Number of elements per Month
1 to 100K Free
100K to 500K $1.5
500K to 1M $1.2
1M to 5M $0.9
5M to 10M $0.75

Note: Each Distance Matrix API query generates elements, where the number of origins multiplied by the number of destinations equals the number of elements.
Pricing is based on each element returned.

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“ Simply put, this was the only software that could return a driving matrix in the size we required. The integration was very smooth and we were able to swap out our previous provider quickly. ”

– Jaime T, Software Developer, iApotheca

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