About the Company

EasyHealth, a US-based healthcare company, partners with health plans and providers to deliver in-home preventive care. They focus on improving health outcomes for individuals through in-home checkups, personalized guidance and value-based care models.

The Problem

Previously, EasyHealth relied on a leading industry player’s distance matrix API to calculate travel times and distances. This information helped their schedulers choose the most suitable healthcare providers for member visits.

However, the process was time-consuming, lacked scalability and became increasingly expensive as they grew.

  • Their existing solution required a high volume of API calls to access scheduling data, leading to significant time and cost inefficiencies.
  • With an average of 900,000 calls per month and rapid growth projections, scalability and cost reduction were critical concerns.

EasyHealth needed a better way for schedulers to quickly and easily identify the best providers for each member.

Our Solution

They chose NextBillion.ai’s suite of APIs to overcome the limitations of their existing solution and its high costs.

Our tailored solution components included:

  • Distance Matrix API: This API formed the cornerstone of EasyHealth’s streamlined scheduling process. Optimized for handling large datasets with low latency, it delivered real-time travel time and distance calculations with exceptional speed.
    This enabled the firm’s schedulers to quickly identify the most suitable healthcare providers and plan efficient routes in seconds, ensuring timely arrival for in-home visits.
  • Maptiles API: EasyHealth leverages high-quality map visualizations to improve operational oversight and route planning within their scheduling interface.
  • Directions API: The tech company utilized this API to equip partners with clear and accurate turn-by-turn instructions directly within their platform.

The Outcome

  • 62.5% cost savings: EasyHealth reduced API costs by over 60% compared to their prior solution, perfectly aligning with EasyHealth’s projected growth and cost concerns.
  • Rapid deployment – <10 Days: Completed testing, integration and production deployment within 10 days, meeting EasyHealth’s tight implementation timeline to switch APIs.
  • Reduced scheduling time by 40%: NextBillion.ai’s efficient APIs allowed EasyHealth schedulers to identify the most suitable providers and plan routes significantly faster, leading to a 40% reduction in scheduling time.

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