Route Optimization API:
Generate Optimal Routes with Accurate ETAs

Optimize driver allocation, order batching and other fleet operations to maximize resource utilization.

Be it on-demand, hyper-local, or same-day deliveries — get a route optimization API that works for your business use case.

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Minimize delivery costs with’s fast, flexible and
scalable Route Optimization API

Simplify route planning with our AI-powered API. Factor in your unique business constraints and optimize complex routes within seconds to scale your operations with ease.

Real-time routes, tailored for you

Our Route Optimization API takes into account your unique business variables — proprietary data, vehicle types, driver profiles, fleet constraints, etc. — and computes the optimal route that works for you. Accurate ETAs generated by our AI/ML algorithms ensure that your drivers complete their tasks on time without any hassle.

Large Distance Matrix API for maximum ETA accuracy’s Distance Matrix API can compute distances and ETAs for up to 5000 origins and 5000 destinations at a time, as opposed to the standard 25×25 matrix. Our large distance matrix helps accommodate custom parameters and rearranging of stops while computing routes, giving you ETAs you can depend on.

Effective last-mile deliveries

One of the biggest challenges of the last mile is complexity around POIs in today’s urban cities, township layouts and malls. Often, the pick-up/delivery points shown on maps differ from those in reality.’s custom geocoding abilities let you to plot these points accurately, enabling optimized routes and faster deliveries, and by extension, lowering operational costs.

Why choose’s Route Optimization API?

Cloud-agnostic deployment improves operational throughput and lowers latency

Real-time routing engine optimizes around live traffic patterns and road incidents

Snap-to-Road API helps plot your paths to accurately reflect real-world routes

Accommodate custom parameters like driver preferences, vehicle types, delivery time windows, etc.

Get a duration-optimized route between multiple input coordinates with a single API request

Route complex
paths with multiple waypoints

Industries and use cases that we cater to

Ride Hailing


Home Business

On-Demand Delivery

Hyper-Local Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery

Get the best value for any volume of API calls that you require

Save up to 2.5X with’s Route Optimization API

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1 to 100K Free
100K to 500K $1.6
500K to 1M $1.3
1M to 5M $1.0
5M to 10M $0.3
10M+ Speak with our experts

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Volume Pricing Options: By Cost per Thousand (CPM) | By Monthly Usage Volume
Get a duration-optimized route between multiple input coordinates with a single API request

“ Simply put, this was the only software that could return a driving matrix in the size we required. The integration was very smooth and we were able to swap out our previous provider quickly. ”

– Jaime T, Software Developer, iApotheca

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