Routing & Optimization Tailored Specifically for Trucks (Not Just Cars)

Plan multi-location routes optimized for truck fleets with our uniquely designed Routing and Optimization APIs and SDKs. Easy to integrate and deploy.


Join the Ranks: Startups to Enterprises Trust Our Routing and Navigation Platform.

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Join the Ranks: Startups to Enterprises Trust Our Routing and Navigation Platform.

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Optimize Trucking Operations With

Get Truck-Compliant Routes

Generate regulation-compliant routes, factoring in truck dimensions like width and height. Tailor safe routes for hazmat trucks, ensuring they steer clear of restricted areas and stay compliant.

Plan Multi-Day HOS Compliant Routes

Design long-haul routes compliant with safety administration rules set for carriers and drivers. Include built-in schedules and breaks, ensuring adherence to Hours of Service regulations for commercial vehicles.

Select Toll and Toll-Free Alternative Routes

Want to avoid tollways? Done. Tailor your routes to match business objectives. Minimize costs by adjusting routes to include or avoid tolls, ferries, tunnels and highways based on preferences and operational needs.

Optimize Routes With 50+ Constraints

Leverage 50+ constraints to optimize paths for multi-location routes. Plan recurring and repetitive routes, and modify them to accomodate last minute changes. Enhance efficiency in both forward and reverse logistics. Optimize loads based on volume, whether it's a partial, less-than or full-truckload scenarios.

Integrate Your Existing Telematics Vendor

Seamlessly connect with your existing telematics solution. Enable live tracking and receive instant alerts for a comprehensive fleet monitoring solution.

Get Mileage & Speed Limit Violation Reports

Calculate mileage breakdowns across states for compliance, invoicing, reimbursement and taxation purposes. Gain insights into speed limit violations to gauge driver behavior and road safety in your trucking operations.


Solve Challenges Across Trucking Use Cases


First, Middle & Last Mile Logistics

Simplify the complexities of multi-route and multi-stop planning across the supply chain.



Handle large-scale recurring and repeated B2B deliveries with optimized routes.



Find the shortest and most cost-efficient routes to lower operating expenses.

Why Trucking Companies Choose


Solve Unique
Use Cases

Utilize AI-powered APIs, SDKs and map tools to fit any workflow, no matter how complex.



Choose the option suited for your business needs — whether it's asset-based or usage-based.


Designed for

Manage nationwide logistical operations for thousands of orders and vehicles.



Receive assistance from our solution engineers throughout your evaluation and integration phase.

Our Customers Love Us!

G2 Badge G2 Badge G2 Badge G2 Badge G2 Badge solves the problem of providing a high-performance mapping platform at scale. We generate efficient delivery schedules in real time for hundreds of vehicles, so distance calculations need to be fast and reliable.’s Distance Matrix service meets and exceeds this demand.


James Nebeker,
Machine Learning Engineer were quick to integrate with our data set and provide their solution tuned to our data. Ability to tune the eta models for targetted driving profiles with minimal effort is probably the standout experience.


Jebu Ittiachen,
Chief Architect, Freight Tiger

By substantially reducing the number of developer hours spent on scheduling,’s MVRP and large Distance Matrix API have helped us improve our operational efficiency and increase our cost savings significantly!


Carson Stevens,
Data Engineer

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