Unmatched Reliability in Truck Navigation and Routing

Boost fleet efficiency by integrating custom truck features for LTL, FTL, first, middle and last mile logistics.

Explore How NextBillion.ai Meets the Unique Needs of Truck Routing

Route Optimization
Truck-Specific Routes

Get the fastest route and accurate ETAs specific to your truck type, free from detours.

Real-Time Tracking
Custom Routing Constraints

Tailor routes to real-time traffic, priority and truckload needs: PTL, LTL, and FTL.

Geofence Alerts
Real-Time Tracking

Enhance fleet visibility by tracking vehicle movements, including idle times.

Seamless Navigation
Map and Route Editing

Modify routes with updated restrictions, speed limits, no-parking zones and more.

A Suite of Tools to Plan Routes for Your Truck Fleet

Optimize truck routes with 50+ routing parameters

Enhance truck routing precision with our Route Optimization API. Define time windows, job priority, truck loads, vehicle capacity, driver skills and other parameters to reduce scheduling and dispatch errors.

Accommodate various hard and soft routing constraints, ensuring efficient logistics for partial truckload, less-than-truckload and full-truckload scenarios.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Get truck-specific ETAs and routes

Get accurate ETAs for every truck type, whether a light 4-wheeler or a heavy 18-wheeler, with our large Distance-Matrix API.

Plan truck routes considering real-time traffic conditions, departure times and historical traffic data. Tailor routes based on specific truck attributes, including size and weight. Add tolls, stops and more to ensure your truck routes are super accurate.

Achieve regulatory compliance and minimize risks

Customize your maps using our Road Editor Tool to add road closures, incorporate traffic rules and ensure compliance with truck restrictions in real-time or in advance.

Handle tricky traffic laws, entry/exit access points, environmental regulations, road permits, cargo-specific rules, no-parking zones and more with ease. Steer clear of penalties by avoiding restricted areas, and enhance safety and reliability in operations.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Navigate intuitively with turn-by-turn guidance tailored for truck routes

Experience adaptive guidance where routes adapt to real-time traffic patterns, ensuring precise and secure navigation for every journey.

Our Navigation SDK reflects essential factors like truck restrictions, compliance, traffic rules and road permits. Designed for seamless navigation, it eliminates the need for switching apps, keeping drivers focused and on the right path.

Enable efficient multi-route, multi-stop planning

Simplify the complexities of multi-route, multi-stop planning in truck routing with our comprehensive solution.

Effortlessly build reliable route plans - whether it's inter or intra-state routes, long-haul journeys across multiple days or intricate first-mile to middle-mile to last-mile deliveries.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Access post-trip analysis insights

Get a comprehensive view of the actual route taken and distance covered by your fleet drivers with our Post Trip Route API.

Gain valuable insights into the impact of route deviations against the planned routes, enabling you to iterate and improve driver adoption. Drive better adoption among your drivers with data-backed insights.

Enhance operational oversight with live tracking and alerts

Receive instant alerts based on asset activity with our Live Tracking API. Manage and monitor various assets, including vehicles, users, and drivers.

Track vehicle movements with precision to ensure on-time deliveries and asset security. Receive real-time truck entry and exit, idling and speeding alerts.

Mobility Visual

The Complete Package for Truck Routing and Navigation

Routing API

Route Optimization API

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix API

Road Editor Tool

Road Editor Tool

Live Tracking API

Live Tracking API

Geocoding API

Geofencing API

Snap-to-Road API

Snap-to-Road API

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