Navigation SDK:
Intuitive Route Guidance.
Simple, Fast, Accurate.

A navigation system that puts the driver in complete control of the ride. Developed for business use cases, it offers seamless turn-by-turn guidance through any route/topography.

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Why Choose’s Navigation SDK

Cater to the unique needs of your drivers by providing them an integrated navigation experience. Our Navigation SDK, the first of its kind, supports customized map data and routes, and accounts for real-time road restrictions.

Agnostic Plug-and-Play SDK

With a tech-agnostic approach to routing, integrate with your own routing engine or opt for’s built-in stack. Our SDK enables customers to build highly customized in-app navigation by inserting their proprietary custom data, routing preferences and data insights.

Customizable Routing & Navigation

Work with customer-centered navigation instead of one-size-fits-all. Customize base map, markers, route lines, instruction banners and location components to align with specific use cases. Users can switch between light and dark modes as per the time of the day/preference.

Smart Re-Routing

Get back on track if you miss a turn with Navigation SDK’s automated off-route detection. Receive route guidance even in areas with poor network conditions and weak GPS signals.

Real-Time Traffic Updates

Experience traffic-aware navigation and routing with an SDK that takes real-time + historic traffic information into account. Highlight traffic visual overlays and congestion zones — along with the planned routes on the map.

Compliance With Restricted Routes

A feature unique to Navigation SDK, it comes with built-in flagship Road Restriction Tool. Reflect time/day/date-dependent or vehicle-specific restricted roads in your planned routes to generate accurate ETAs.

Multi-Language Support

Localize your app’s user experiences with our SDK that supports multiple languages. Display the road labels, POIs and driving instructions in the local language for your users/drivers.

How it Works

Bring your own custom routes and integrate them with’s Navigation SDK to build a
functional route guidance system tailored for drivers.

Superior Developer Experience

Work with a Navigation SDK that ranks high on functionality and usability. With simple and fast API integration, this product is designed to run seamlessly on different cloud platforms.

Read the documentation Navigation APIs

Access a suite of Navigation APIs that guides map applications and users from multiple origin to destinations, between waypoints and pit stops, along with calculating optimal routes, accurate ETAs and distances.

Large Distance Matrix API

Support for 5000*5000 elements matrix size to accommodate the scale and unique needs of your business.

Route Optimization API

Built for today’s businesses and market complexities, generate optimal routes tailored to your use case in real-time.

“ Simply put, this was the only software that could return a driving matrix in the size we required. The integration was very smooth and we were able to swap out our previous provider quickly. ”

– Jaime T, Software Developer, iApotheca

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