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Gain real-time visibility into fleets or workforces to unlock improved operational efficiency and agility.

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Why Choose’s Live Tracking API?'s Live Tracking API offers advanced features like real-time tracking and geofencing, allowing for efficient asset management. With its ease of use, customizable constraints and accurate ETAs, the API provides a reliable asset tracking solution.

Create and manage assets with ease

Live Tracking API makes it simple to establish and oversee assets with unique properties, tags and custom data.

Define assets using a variety of properties as appropriate for easy tracking, searching and filtering.

Reconstruct routes with accuracy
Optimize fleet and asset management capabilities

Implement zone-based action triggers

Create customizable boundaries and take action when assets cross them.

Push real-time alerts as deliveries approach their destinations or assets move outside the boundary, restrict or deactivate vehicles within certain zones, set up corridors along planned routes to detect deviations and much more.

Find assets quickly and efficiently

The API’s ‘Search’ service enables searching for assets within a boundary. This is particularly useful for proximity-based search functionalities like store locators, or for tracking asset locations in a fleet management system. Our search engine handles large data sets and returns results quickly.

Increased visibility for insurance telematics
Visualize the complete user journey

Monitor assets in real-time

The Live Tracking API allows for live monitoring of assets with updates on location, speed and other key metrics. Set alerts for events or thresholds, like when an asset moves outside a defined area or exceeds a certain speed. This helps manage operations and respond quickly to unexpected events.

Enable trip playback and mileage-based payouts

Access historical location data to calculate mileage-based payouts without dispute.

Retrace driver routes to understand preferences, deviations, violations and more. Analyze driver behavior and optimize routes with this data.

Increased visibility for insurance telematics

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Use cases

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Track vehicle activity, manage fuel consumption and maintenance schedules, and optimize routes to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Monitor technicians and vehicles in real time, dispatch the closest technician to each job and ensure timely service delivery.

Insurance Telematics

Waste Management

Track the locations of waste collection vehicles, monitor capacity levels, optimize routes and ensure timely pickups.

Field Service Management

On-Demand Delivery

Track the location and status of deliveries, monitor driver performance, and optimize routes for timely and efficient delivery.

Mileage Tracking

Employee Transportation

Monitor transportation routes, track vehicle locations, and optimize routes to reduce commute times and improve safety.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Monitor the location and status of high-value assets like construction or medical equipment, and ensure secure transportation and storage.

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