Improve unit economics and gross margins with better map data and AI.

Optimize the delivery economics of e-commerce with better maps.

Improve delivery planning, reduce RTOs and optimize cost per delivery.

Why NextBillion.ai

Efficient asset utilization

Leverage custom map data derived from your telemetry and past delivery data to enable efficient asset utilization. Improve delivery planning, platform efficiency and bottom line by optimizing order-based sorting and dispatch processes with AI-driven mapping solutions.

Lower cost per delivery

Achieve effective fulfillment and distribution for all delivery windows at the lowest cost with our customizable APIs and tailored map data. Optimize your costs and usage even for high API volume use cases like route optimization.

Faster arrival times

Speed up delivery times, including for same-day deliveries with better route optimization powered by our intelligent and scalable APIs. Shrink your RTO costs with detailed maps that take into account your custom fleet vehicle type and pick-up/drop-off destination attributes.

Use Cases

Route optimization

Ensure timely delivery with guided and accurate routing for many scenarios — be it on-demand dispatch, same-day delivery or guaranteed-time-window delivery. Improve order completion rate and first-time success in last-mile delivery with our Route Optimization APIs.

Support for custom vehicle types

Get customized routes and accurate ETAs for 2W/4W/Trucks with our Route Optimization, and Directions and Distance Matrix APIs. Determine the fastest and shortest route for your custom fleet and optimize fleet utilization.

Address validation and precise geocoding

Use our Geocoding APIs that can handle even unstructured addresses to improve your order delivery and fulfillment efficiency. With accurate geocoding, efficiently manage back-end and on-field operations, along with reducing RTOs.

Detailed apartment maps

Minimize order returns, lost deliveries and cancellations with detailed large apartment and commercial complexes’ maps. Access granular map data that produces dynamic routes with multiple destinations and real-life constraints.

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