Supercharge On-Demand Deliveries With End-to-End Last-Mile Solutions

Improve ETA predictions and optimize order fulfillment operations. Solve complex order batching and scheduling problems in real time. Achieve service excellence till the last yard.

Mapping Solutions for Every On-Demand Service

Food and Grocery Delivery

Batch and dispatch orders in real time.

Healthcare and Diagnostics Services

Enable early and fast test sample collection.

Medical and Pharmacy Delivery

Calculate accurate ETAs for medicine deliveries.

Home Services

Assign cleaning, installation and repair orders based on skills.

Beauty Services

Optimize job schedules for beauty and salon services.

Post and Courier Delivery

Improve cost estimates for mail and package deliveries.’s APIs and SDKs Account for the Challenges and Complexities of On-Demand Delivery

Custom Maps
Accurate ETA predictions

Work with ETAs generated using AI, ML, custom map data and real-time traffic updates for a wide range of use cases.

Route Planning
Order Batching and Dispatch

Optimize order batching and dispatch with fresh GIS data and APIs that are tailored to specific business needs.

Electric Vehicle
Route Optimization

Find the fastest and most efficient routes between multiple stops, and account for complex routing constraints and restrictions.

Precision Tools
Dynamic Geofencing

Get order allocation and fulfillment sequences right with customized geofences.

A Suite of Tools to Build Your On-Demand Delivery Solution

Level up ETA prediction accuracy to improve service reliability

Strengthen unit economics by reducing the gap between delivery ETAs and ATAs. Predict arrival times accurately by leveraging’s mapping APIs powered by historical data, road attributes, real-time traffic data, AI and ML. With precise times of arrival, effectively calculate charges, set up service time windows, match riders/drivers to orders and schedule tasks.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Optimize order batching and dispatch at scale

Simplify the complexity of order batching and dispatch at scale with our ultra-low-latency APIs. Efficiently manage high order-fulfillment demands and improve asset utilization with custom map data and navigation tools.

Improve last-mile efficiency with a multi-stop route planner

Solve complicated routing problems with’s end-to-end Route Optimization API with a built-in custom map stack. Create optimal routes with numerous constraints for multiple vehicles, origins and destinations. Add unplanned stops to a sequence and factor in parameters like shift timings, employee skill, delivery windows, number of deliveries/pick ups and vehicle capacity.

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Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Customize routes as per fleet vehicle type

Create custom routes tailored to each vehicle in your fleet. Compute accurate arrival times for a wide range of vehicle types, such as motorbikes, cycles, cars, trucks, PMDs and EVs, with our Distance Matrix and Route Optimization APIs. Reflect local traffic rules, regulations and fines along generated routes.

Get an overview of order fulfillment with real-time tracking and navigation

Provide seamless turn-by-turn guidance to your drivers/field agents with’s Navigation SDK. Monitor changes in ETA, increase fleet visibility and track task completion progress in real time. Extract key insights about each driver/technicians’ route preferences, route deviations, on-time performance and demand prediction for delivery operations.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Validate expenses and reimbursement claims post delivery

Make driver/field agent earnings fair and transparent with’s Post Trip Route API. Get a complete view of the actual time taken and distance covered by your team to complete each task for error-free pay adjustments. Settle reimbursement claims, calculate payouts based on final travel time and distance, and avoid expense fraud.

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Meet last-mile delivery promises with dynamic geofencing

Besides location-based marketing and fleet tracking use cases, optimize delivery time and speed with the Geofencing API. Generate virtual perimeters around store/warehouse locations to identify the areas accessible from there within a give time window and optimize job assignment. These geofences also factor in parameters such as vehicle type, historical traffic patterns, real-time traffic conditions and custom rules.

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Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Manage demand uncertainty with effective order allocation and scheduling

Solve order allocation and scheduling challenges with’s large Distance Matrix API. Evaluate serviceability in real time, identify the best sequences of delivery, monitor resource availability and assign orders to the optimally situated rider/field agent.

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