About the Company:

This case study explores the success story of a three-decade-old on-demand software company that builds solutions for ground transportation companies. Their comprehensive offerings include dispatch software, driver applications, back-end support and more.

The Problem

The US-based company sought assistance for their vehicle dispatch solution that powers on-demand taxi services across the US, Israel and the Dominican Republic.

They relied on the combination of two industry leaders for Distance Matrix API and Directions API to keep the costs low and maintain ETA accuracy.

Their goal was to enhance their solution’s cost-effectiveness without any dip in the accuracy of ETA calculations for on-demand trips.

Our Solution

The on-demand software firm expressed interest in NextBillion.ai’s Distance Matrix and Directions APIs, seeking a more cost-effective and accurate alternative.

They swiftly transitioned to NextBillion.ai following a comprehensive evaluation driven by four key considerations:

  • At par performance: NextBillion.ai Distance Matrix and Directions APIs demonstrated exceptional speed and accuracy, performing at par with their current providers and meeting operational requirements.
  • Flexible pricing: They appreciated the flexibility in our pricing options, choosing between API call-based and asset-based models. This adaptability, crucial given their past challenges with unpredictable costs, made asset-based pricing the perfect fit.
  • Ease of integration: They appreciated the simplicity highlighted in NextBillion.ai’s documentation and code samples, streamlining the integration process for their development team.
  • Usage and QPS management: NextBillion.ai’s high queries per second limit and ability to set API limits granted them greater control over costs and usage, enhancing the overall management experience.

The Outcome

  • The company achieved an 82% reduction in API costs without compromising ETA accuracy.
  • NextBillion.ai’s solutions seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition within 72 hours.
  • They improved operational cost predictability through a transparent per-asset pricing model.

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