Optimize Fleet Utilization and Vehicle Allocation With NextBillion.ai

Save time and resources by maximizing fleet efficiency. Make informed decisions about routes, scheduling, and resource allocation.

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NextBillion.ai’s APIs and SDKs Account for the Challenges and Complexities of Fleet Management

Custom Maps
Route Optimization

Reduce fuel consumption and save time by identifying the most efficient routes for each vehicle.

Route Planning
Custom Maps

Simplify complex navigation for various vehicle types between streets and buildings.

Electric Vehicle
Fresh GIS Data

Continually revise risk assessment and management strategies with fresh location data.

Precision Tools
Offline Maps

Enable offline maps synced with the latest updates for uninterrupted access and rapid response in emergencies.

A Suite of Tools to Build Your Fleet Management Solution

Lower fuel consumption with the Route Optimization API

NextBillion.ai’s Route Optimization API accounts for factors like traffic patterns, road attributes, and vehicle performance characteristics to find the most efficient order of stops, minimizing fuel consumption and total distance traveled.

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Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Reliably meet SLAs with deeply customizable optimization

Incorporate operation-specific parameters like driver skills, shift timings vehicle capacity, service duration, customer availability, and start and end locations to create a highly optimized route plan that helps meet the set SLAs, every time.

See Route Optimization API

Ensure quick and safe fleet movement with the Navigation SDK

NextBillion.ai’s Navigation SDK integrates seamlessly with fleet management systems, providing live tracking and navigation for all fleet vehicles. View locations and movements of vehicles on a map, and receive alerts when a vehicle deviates from its intended route.

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Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Accurately analyze trips and payouts with Snap-to-Road API

The Snap-to-Road API precisely matches vehicle GPS signals to the underlying road network for precise reconstruction of routes taken. Accurately determine distance traveled by each vehicle and calculate reimbursements for fleet drivers.

See Snap-to-Road API

Optimize fleet planning at scale with the large Distance Matrix API

NextBillion.ai’s large Distance Matrix API, with a matrix size of 5000x5000 (vs. the standard 25x25) allows for efficient fleet management and routing, resulting in smarter planning, and time and cost savings. Such a large distance matrix also enables operational flexibility and scale.

See Distance Matrix API
Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Improve asset utilization, coverage and task completion

NextBillion.ai’s SDKs support multiple languages for quick and painless hyperlocalization of your app’s user experience. Display road labels, POIs and driving instructions in the relevant local languages as appropriate for users.

An Overview of NextBillion.ai's Fleet Management

The Complete Package for Fleet Management

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