Fleet Management

Create a differentiated customer experience with better map data and AI.

Create additional growth opportunities and improve customer retention with better maps.

Improve fleet tracking, plan more optimized routes and create differentiated experiences.

Why NextBillion.ai

Better visibility and tracking

Get a granular view of your fleet across all levels of transport operations with AI-powered custom map data and customizable APIs. Build efficient tracker solutions with tailored routing APIs to monitor your fleet in real-time. Gather insights into your drivers’ behavior with map data analytics.

Improve route planning

Make vehicle dispatch and routing more efficient with NextBillion.ai’s customizable APIs. Define personalized attributes such as road restrictions, local lanes and geofences to serve your business use cases. Account for traffic laws across countries, including speed limits and travel restrictions.

Create additional growth opportunities

Enable growth by improving vehicle connectivity, driver safety and task optimization of your fleet management system with AI-powered custom map data. Enhance driver experience by building additional capabilities such as reflecting road closures caused by events like floods/events in real-time on the map.

Use Cases

Get accurate ETAs

Calculate accurate ETAs for your use case, geography and vehicle type with our intuitive and scalable Distance Matrix and Geocoding APIs. Discover safe and efficient transit routes for your fleet, and boost performance of your routing system with our Snap-to-Road API.

Account for local regulations

Account for local regulations for your custom fleet with our tailored Routing and Maps APIs. Be it ingesting traffic rules for each vehicle type, toll points, designated lanes or time restrictions, enhance safety and efficiency of your fleet by reflecting these attributes in your map.

Support for custom vehicle types

Experience real-time vehicle-specific route optimization — from 2-wheelers to 16-wheelers. Get accurate travel distance and route for each vehicle/driver with Distance Matrix and Directions APIs. Leverage historical/telemetry data to derive intelligence about your custom fleet.

Access detailed warehouse maps

Improve delivery operations and fleet productivity with detailed warehouse maps created from accurate map data, and scalable Geocoding and Search APIs. Lower average delivery times and eliminate wasted miles with accurate route planning and relevant many-to-many pick-up and drop-off POIs.

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