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Streamline fleet operations with real-time route optimization and dispatch. Elevate efficiency and flexibility while minimizing environmental impact and operational costs.’s APIs and SDKs Account for the Challenges and Complexities of Fleet Management

Route Optimization
Efficient Dispatch

Auto-assign the right jobs to the right drivers and vehicles for faster response times.

Real-Time Tracking
Advanced Routing

Generate optimal routes that meet your unique needs with 50+ routing constraints.

Geofence Alerts
Unplanned Job Adjustments

Accommodate last-minute cancellations, reprioritizations and other changes.

Seamless Navigation
Tracking and Analysis

Track fleets in real time and precisely reconstruct routes for post-trip analyses.

Enhance Fleet Operations From End to End With Location Technology

Intelligent automated scheduling and dispatch’s algorithms quickly determine the best available vehicle and driver pairing for any given job based on numerous factors like location, vehicle type and capacity, driver skills and certifications, shift timings, live traffic conditions, etc.

Turn-by-turn directions ensure that drivers reach their destinations safely and on time.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Customizable route optimization for every use case

Generate optimal stop sequences and routes that adhere to your SLAs and satisfy specific operational requirements.

Take tailored routes to the next level with over 50 routing constraints, off-road routing capabilities, the option of assigning custom travel costs to each vehicle and the ability to prioritize functions other than time or distance.

Perfect ETAs and routes with driver and vehicle profiles

From two-wheelers to 16-wheelers and EVs to autonomous cars and bots, each vehicle traverses roads differently — as does each driver.

Get accurate ETAs and ideal routes customized to each vehicle and driver by accounting for factors like vehicle dimensions, performance characteristics, driver behaviors and preferences, etc.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Soft constraints to permit flexibility within schedule

Sometimes, it’s worth accepting a few minor delays to complete more jobs rather than making sure that every job is completed exactly on time at the cost of job volume.

Soft constraints help you do just that by allowing a specified level of flexibility in scheduling and routing constraints like shift timings and service windows.

Reoptimization to incorporate unplanned changes

Unpredictable changes in job requirement or priority, customer or vehicle availability, etc. are inevitable. Accommodate such circumstances by reoptimizing existing schedules and seamlessly relaying the updated job sequences and routes to drivers on the go.

On-premise deployment of’s solution helps minimize latency for near-instant reoptimization.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Precise live tracking and post-trip analysis

Maintain a birds-eye view of operations with precision live tracking and telemetry of every vehicle in your fleet.

Conduct post-trip analyses to check for overlapping routes, frequent deviations and other areas for optimization by accurately reconstructing routes taken, including information such as speed limits, road elevation, curvature, etc.

The Complete Package for Fleet Management

Routing API

Route Optimization API

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix API

Road Editor Tool

Road Editor Tool

Live Tracking API

Live Tracking API

Geocoding API

Geofencing API

Snap-to-Road API

Snap-to-Road API

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