About the Company

The company is a US-based tech startup specializing in contactless curbside, last mile and indoor deliveries through autonomous delivery robots.

The Problem

The company grappled with inefficient deliveries, leading to delayed shipments, increased costs and customer dissatisfaction. Traditional locational technology solutions proved inadequate for their operations.

  • Inaccurate maps posed a major challenge. Existing map providers could not offer granular data, such as accurate sidewalk networks and crosswalks.
  • The current service providers couldn’t meet the company’s need for intuitive navigation and real-time monitoring in robot-assisted curbside, last mile and indoor deliveries.
  • The existing vendors’ APIs lacked the flexibility needed, further exacerbating the challenges.
  • The company struggled to find a partner that could provide customized solutions and comprehensive support for their specific use case and unique requirements.

Our Solution

NextBillion.ai actively collaborated to develop a customized solution, taking a hands-on approach to ensure the success of the deep tech company’s delivery operations. This process involved creating custom maps with detailed markings and offering flexible APIs to meet their unique requirements.

  • Custom Maps
    • We enhanced the dataset by adding sidewalks, footways, crosswalks, driveways and curb cuts, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
    • Subsequently, meticulous annotations were made to provide crucial details for accurate and precise mapping.
    • We incorporated specific features, like adding polygons to represent sidewalks and annotating crossings with curbs.
  • Flexible APIs
    • We employed our Directions API to accurately guide the autonomous delivery robots along the most efficient paths to minimize travel time and errors.
    • With our Geofencing API, they created virtual boundaries around areas of operation for enhanced control and security.
    • They effortlessly tracked their robot fleet’s movement in real time using our Live Tracking API.

The Outcome

NextBillion.ai’s tailored solution significantly improved the autonomous robot delivery startup’s operations.

With accurate and detailed maps, NextBillion.ai enabled the firm to provide safer and error-free contactless deliveries directly to customers in parking lots and curbside areas.

By optimizing the number of deliveries, improving accuracy and reducing shipment delays, the company efficiently operated its 24×7 last-mile delivery service.

NextBillion.ai’s real-time tracking and geofencing capabilities enabled safe indoor deliveries at airports, malls and office complexes.

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