Sharad Kumar

Product Manager

It’s no secret that Distance Matrix APIs are a critical part of any mobility-first operation, from logistics and ride hailing to food and grocery deliveries. Such APIs drive improved efficiency, predictability and scalability of the function through better distance and ETA predictions.

Being of such obvious impact and importance, you’d think that the existing Distance Matrix APIs on the market would be highly optimized to the point where there’s not much more room for improvement. But you’d be wrong.’s proprietary Distance Matrix API is our take on what the ideal Distance Matrix API should be. The single biggest differentiating factor? Matrix size. While most offerings available today support 25×25 matrices,’s Distance Matrix API is capable of handling matrix sizes of up to 5000×5000 elements. Watch this webinar to find out why this matters to your business.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The function of the Distance Matrix API
  • Various use case for the API
  • Why you’d use Distance Matrix API and not Directions API
  • The advantages of’s proprietary Distance Matrix API
  • A real-world deployment of our API, and its outcomes

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