Blog Monthly Product Bytes — July 2023

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August 16, 2023

In July 2023, we introduced our Live Tracking API. Key parameters were integrated into the Route Optimization API. We also enhanced the Navigation, Directions, and Snap To Roads APIs with a new feature.

Let’s dig in and see what was released this month.

New Product

Now monitor asset location, speed and activity with Live Tracking API

Released in July, our Live Tracking API is a reliable product designed to assist businesses in asset management and monitoring.

With this API, users can gain real-time insights into the location status and activity of various assets, such as vehicles, users and drivers. It finds its application in sectors like logistics, security, retail, construction, emergency services, utilities, public transportation, field services and healthcare.

You can:

  • Create and manage assets with unique IDs and custom attributes
  • Access precise location, speed and other details about assets in real time. 
  • Find assets within specified areas using various search methods.
  • Create and manage monitoring zones to track assets.
  • Utilize webhooks for real-time event information delivery.

Business Benefits:

  • Allocate resources efficiently with real-time asset insights and make informed decisions using proactive event-based alerts.
  • Safeguard your assets by closely monitoring high-security areas through geofencing and receiving immediate alerts for unauthorized movements.
  • Swiftly respond to asset activities by seamlessly integrating instant event data using webhooks.

Delve into the detailed technical functionalities outlined in’s Live Tracking API documentation

Product Updates

Reduce wait time and service delays with new Route Optimization API features

Recent updates to our Route Optimization API include three new features  — Relations, Maximum Activity Waiting Time and Custom Cost Matrix. 

These new features will help businesses fine-tune the optimization processes, ensuring greater flexibility and control over route planning and resource allocation. 

You can:

  • Relations: Configure relationships between jobs and shipments using the relations feature to mimic real-world constraints, such as controlling job or shipment sequences.
  • Maximum Activity Waiting Time: Set specific waiting time limits for vehicles/workers between jobs and shipments. 
  • Custom Cost Matrix: Define user-defined traveling costs between locations and influence the optimization algorithm by customizing cost values for each route.

Business Benefits:

  • Sequence jobs and shipments precisely to minimize delays and improve productivity.
  • Maximize asset utilization and improve on-time delivery performance by minimizing idle periods between jobs or shipments.
  • Design cost-effective and budget-conscious operations by customizing cost values for route optimization.

Learn more about how these new features work in Route Optimization API’s detailed documentation.

Integrate speed limits with a new feature in Navigation, Directions and Snap to Roads APIs

The latest enhancement to our Navigation, Directions and Snap To Roads APIs is the addition of the Maximum Speed feature. 

You can:

  • Access detailed maximum speed information for different route segments. 

Business benefits:

  • Ensure routes are optimized for speed limits.
  • Utilize precise speed information to calculate more accurate ETAs for improved scheduling.
  • Adhere to traffic regulations and enhance safety by integrating speed data into navigation solutions.

Explore the technical details of this new feature in Navigation APIs’ documentations.

Most Popular Resource

Check out this customer story where we helped robots ace doorstep deliveries. enabled a US-based tech startup to solve last-mile challenges of its autonomous robot delivery fleet.

Our tailored solution transformed their operations with the following: 

  • Custom Maps: Sidewalks, crosswalks and other essential road attributes accurately mapped for enhanced accuracy.
  • Flexible APIs: Optimal paths, geofencing for control and real-time tracking.

The Outcome: Safer, error-free curbside delivery and 24/7 efficiency. 

In the Product Pipeline

The team is busy working on the following:

  • Further enhancements for the Route Optimization API, including custom objectives.

Stay tuned for a stream of continuous updates on our location technology and optimization solutions, all geared towards enhancing your business operations.

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