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March 3, 2022

In today’s location-first world, enterprises view unlocking the true potential of spatial data as one of the key objectives in providing a customer-centric experience and in improving operational efficiency. Actionable insights derived from location data can not only help businesses reduce costs and close gaps in their demand-supply pipeline, but also aid them in identifying new opportunities, improving asset lifecycles and increasing revenue as well.

The question then becomes, how do businesses tap into the full potential of their location data to extract these actionable insights? Addressing this key challenge is what’s strategic partnership with aims to achieve.

A unified solution that provides customers with unprecedented control over their map data, a geospatial data + AI platform,  partners with to provide customers with a control tower that helps data-driven organizations draw operational insights from their proprietary map data.

Currently, there is no benchmark for unlocking such insights. addresses this issue by providing a standardized AI-driven platform on which spatial data can be shared, processed and analyzed to obtain valuable intelligence. For businesses, this would mean having the capability to develop their own curated map data platform that’s relevant to their specific operations.’s role in the partnership lies in providing capabilities to tackle challenges in operations, by acting as a control tower that helps ops teams to:

  • implement localized decisions
  • gain more control of their operations by creating custom metrics
  • become more granular within 3 clicks and quickly spot problems
  • understand the nuances of their business and geographic areas
  • take action that’s driven by data

A common vision for enabling a true enterprise-focused, location-first experience

Together, and aim to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Support businesses with the ability to leverage the combined capabilities of and to improve operational efficiency
  2. Enable companies to gain access to bespoke mapping solutions and revolutionize their operations with a control tower
  3. Address gaps that exist in map data and empower companies to make location-data-based decisions by providing an end-to-end tech stack

This partnership will also help businesses answer common questions like:

  • What steps do you have to take in order to understand the behavior of your areas? For instance, how do you reduce complexity while retaining the freshness of your map data?
  • What happens if an anomaly arises, and how do you find its root cause?
  • How do you take action and run experiments?
  • How do you measure the impact of a decision?’s data curation and processing capabilities make it possible to tailor data in such a way that’s  no-code control tower can seamlessly enable central oversight and localized decisions for real-world operations.

“We’re excited to join forces with to enable use cases for all companies with on-the-ground operations. The combined capabilities of’s ML applications and’s control tower abilities will act as an end-to-end stack to assist them in making location-based decisions. We believe that this partnership will revolutionize operations like never before!”  said Aditi Sinha, co-founder of

Our partnership with is the first of its kind, combining the powers of AI-driven mapping and location intelligence. Together, we enable companies to extract deep and actionable insights from their own geospatial data. We believe that this partnership will enable logistics and on-demand delivery companies to leverage location data to its full potential,“ says, Ajay Bulusu, co-founder of

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