Streamline Logistics and Supply Chain With Custom Routing Solutions

Enterprise-ready mapping solutions that enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

Get Accurate and Updated Visibility into
Logistics and Distribution Networks with Custom Maps

Custom editable maps for logistics and supply chain operations

Fresh and reliable private maps built to capture the required level of detail for your logistics use case. Create complete road networks and mark relevant POIs such as pick-up/drop-off locations and entry/exit points. Map tools enable you to edit and update maps, add road restrictions and reflect the routing changes.

Logistic Visual
Logistic Visual

Maps integrated with logistics data

Incorporate data on live traffic, historical operations, incidents, compliances, local regulations, turn restrictions and more into your maps. Enrich maps with first-party operational data, including vehicle type, driver behavior, speed profiles, route preferences, etc. for effective planning.

Allocate, Assign, Route and Dispatch Efficiently

Optimize fleet planning from first mile to last mile with our large Distance Matrix API’s Distance Matrix API supports a 5000*5000 matrix size and live traffic data integration, helping generate accurate ETAs and efficient routes between all possible POIs such as warehouses, distribution centres, customers locations and dispatch vehicles. Such a huge matrix allows for efficient and flexible planning alongside effortless scaling while keeping costs in check.

See Distance Matrix API
Logistic Visual
Logistic Visual

Enhance asset utilization, order batching and dispatch with the Route Optimization API

Our Route Optimization API accounts for all business variables — vehicle capacity, time windows, service duration, skills and many more — to help make smart assignment decisions. The algorithm identifies the ideal vehicles, service personnel and sequence of tasks for smart matching and dispatch.

See Route Optimization API

Delight Customers With Exceptional
Delivery Experience

Deliver on customer expectations every time with highly accurate ETAs

Get highly accurate vehicle-specific ETAs for your fleet — be it uniform or a mix of trucks, vans, cars, bikes, e-scooters, etc. Traffic- and incident-aware ETAs improve delivery success and ensure that customers get realistic arrival times. Speed up deliveries using detailed maps with relevant POIs such as pick-up/drop-off locations, entry/exit points and more.

Logistic Visual
Logistic Visual

Ensure quick, safe and timely deliveries with the Navigation SDK

Support drivers with explicit turn-by-turn in-app navigation instructions, lane-level guidance, speed limits and more. Help them traverse roads efficiently and complete their tasks on time with accurate delivery location data.

See Navigation SDK

Maximize Operational Efficiency and Margins

Reduce Logistics Cost

Reduce average logistics cost per order and increase deliveries per vehicle with accurate ETA, distance and fee estimates. Minimize fuel consumption and transportation costs by plying the most optimal, accurately reflected routes.

Logistic Visual
Logistic Visual

Optimize Reverse Logistics

Optimize logistics for returns. Efficiently match goods and plan return trips to the nearest distribution centers/warehouses, or map the right professionals to the right tasks for demos/repairs. Plan the most cost-effective routes for handling this use case.

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Streamline logistics and improve supply chain efficiency with customizable maps, APIs and SDKs