About the Company

AJEX operates a vast network of logistics facilities across the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and China. They offer a comprehensive suite of shipping, clearance and logistics services, including express distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, cold chain logistics and more.

The Problem

AJEX’s large logistics network includes managing a variety of assets with varying capacities and types, all of which require complex logistics movement and scheduling.

Their manual planning process struggled to accommodate these complexities, leading to:

  • Low capacity utilization: Inability to account for various constraints (vehicle types, order sizes, time windows) resulted in underutilized vehicles.
  • Scaling challenges: Manual planning couldn’t adapt to meet growing demand and expand operations efficiently.
  • Inaccurate ETAs: Unreliable delivery time estimations hampered customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of real-time adaptation: Manual processes couldn’t adjust to changing traffic conditions or unexpected road closures and events, leading to delays and inefficient routes.

The Solution

AJEX required a comprehensive set of optimization constraints to streamline its operations. They presented us with a detailed list of requirements essential for enhancing their logistical efficiency.

NextBillion.ai’s solution, driven by the Route Optimization API, adeptly met each of these demands, ensuring the company could seamlessly maximize its operational capabilities.

Key features of the solution included:

  • Multiple constraint management: The Route Optimization API supported over 50 constraints, such as start/stop times, service windows, priorities, vehicle capacities and more.
  • Dynamic route generation: Created optimal routes considering real-time traffic conditions, road conditions and historical traffic trends.
  • Reliable ETAs: Ensured deliveries reached customers on time, enhancing customer experience.
  • Ad-hoc re-optimization: Allowed for dynamic adjustments to existing routes when new orders arrived.
  • Route visualization tools: Provided Map Tiles API and Road Editor tool, aiding AJEX in route planning and auditing
  • Extensive map data coverage: Offered comprehensive and granular map data specific to Saudi Arabia and other areas of operations.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities: Provided detailed reporting and polyline outputs essential for comprehensive route analysis and auditing.
  • Hands-on product support: Unlike some competitors, we provided exceptional production support and customization at no extra cost

The Outcome

NextBillion.ai emerged as the clear choice for AJEX, offering a feature-rich API unmatched by other players they were considering. The Road Editor tool, a key element in their evaluation, provided an extra layer of control over route optimization. Additionally, our strong implementation support ensured a smooth transition and maximized the value of our solution.

Our powerful routing engine, which surpassed industry leaders, and our flexible, customer-centric approach helped the company to:

  • Increase delivery fleet utilization by 25%
  • Reduce operational costs by 18%, including significant savings on fuel
  • Enhance ETA prediction accuracy by 20%
  • Enhance cost predictability with a flexible pricing model based on the number of orders

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