Welcome Aboard, Persistent Systems —’s Latest Reseller Partner

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June 27, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Persistent Systems is now an official reseller of’s location technology solutions. At a time when we’re looking to expand our reach and accessibility across the globe, we’ve found the perfect partner to help us do just that. Welcome aboard, Persistent Systems!

Why Persistent Systems Is the Right Partner for Us

Persistent Systems is a global services and solutions company with an FY24 revenue of $1.2 billion. The organization has been delivering digital engineering and enterprise modernization since its founding in 1990. With a robust portfolio of technology services and solutions, they bring to the table a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of enterprise needs. The partnership is about more than just that, though. and Persistent Systems share a common goal: to empower businesses with powerful technologies that make real, tangible differences.

Our collaboration with Persistent is designed as a symbiotic relationship. By incorporating’s advanced location technology into their offerings, Persistent Systems enhances their product suite and can provide more comprehensive solutions to their clients, thereby strengthening their position in the market. Simultaneously, gains access to Persistent’s extensive network and industry expertise, allowing us to expand our reach and impact across new regions and sectors. This partnership not only enriches both our service portfolios but also supports our shared vision of driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to customers around the globe.

Persistent Systems’ expertise in domains like data analytics, AI and cloud computing ensure that they can effectively understand and communicate the benefits of’s solutions to potential clients across industries. More importantly, their commitment to innovation and customer centricity mirrors our own, making them the ideal partner in our quest to transform how businesses think of and use location technology. Their strengths in AI and data analytics will also play a role in driving advancements in the platform.

This partnership will translate into:

  • Wider Solution Accessibility –  With Persistent Systems on board, our cutting-edge mapping solutions will be more accessible to an even broader range of industries and geographies.
  • Enhanced Solution Tailoring – Persistent’s deep industry insights will enable us to offer more tailored and industry-specific mapping solutions, ensuring our clients get exactly what they need to optimize their operations.

At, we believe in the power of partnerships to drive progress and innovation. We’re confident that with Persistent Systems as our reseller partner, we will continue to set new standards in the location technology industry, providing businesses with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly complex world with precision and confidence.

Stay tuned for more updates on’s partnerships.

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