Shivangi Singh

Shivangi Singh

Senior Technical Writer

Shivangi is a seasoned Technical Writer with a passion for simplifying technical concepts. With over 5 years of experience, she specializes in crafting clear and concise documentation for various technical products and platforms.

Her professional background spans industries such as RF, Power Electronics, PCB, Semiconductors, IT, SaaS, and Physics, giving her a broad perspective on technological innovations.

With a degree in Applied Sciences specializing in Electronics, she combines her academic knowledge with her innate curiosity to learn about emerging technologies. She is a tech enthusiast who thrives on exploring the latest advancements in the industry.

Shivangi is a polymath with diverse interests outside of work.  She enjoys all literary genres, from Quantum Physics to Mythology, GeoPolitics to Science Fiction and Marvel Comics. 

When she’s not lost in a book, she enjoys PC gaming, adventure sports, exploring new horizons, or strumming away on her guitar. Shivangi combines technical expertise and creative passion with her keen intellect and zest for life.

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