J. Kim Fennell

Former CEO deCarta, Uber Maps Business Leader and Angel Investor

Gaurav Bubna

Co-founder of NextBillion.ai

Creating maps is easy. Creating maps that can explode your company’s ROI is very hard. Geospatial industry expert J. Kim Fennell weighs evidence and extols past learnings about the location tech space and the future of map making to help companies overcome challenges and become self-reliant to get the best map solution for their particular needs.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Build vs Buy — How to weigh the trade-offs
  • Learnings from “build it” approaches (Apple, Uber and other companies)
  • Google Maps price hike and its massive downstream impact on businesses
  • OpenStreetMap — potential and pitfalls and where it’s going
  • Most exciting startups to watch out for that are disrupting the mapping industry

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