Christian Bäuerlein

CTO @ ioki

Armin Fendrich

Head of EMEA,

Hyperlocal routing optimization has become increasingly popular in recent years as the need for efficient and cost-effective on-demand transportation solutions has grown.

However, as the demand for hyperlocal route optimization increases, businesses are increasingly dealing with challenges such as delivery address changes, factoring in real-time traffic and road closures, and balancing the trade-offs between distance, time and cost.

In this webinar, Christian Bäuerlein, CTO at ioki, and Armin Fendrich, Head of Sales – EMEA at, dive deep into hyperlocal route optimization and how businesses are adopting it.

Here’s what can you learn from this webinar:

  • Typical challenges faced by on-demand mobility solutions and services providers
  • How to handle real-time traffic and road closures
  • How to handle mobility and transportation restrictions
  • How to incorporate multiple modes of transportation, such as cars, bikes, or public transit, when planning deliveries
  • The importance of accurate ETAs

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