Pradnya Karbhari

VP Engineering, Location
Intelligence at Swiggy

Gaurav Bubna

Co-Founder of

Operational scalability is a huge challenge for an on-demand delivery business. The inherent need to account for the last yard increases logistics complexity.

For Swiggy, the final leg of delivery doesn’t end at the porch or gate. It ends at the doorstep of the customer. Add to the mix incorrect delivery addresses, doorstep navigation issues, and tight timelines — delivery windows often running in minutes, instead of hours and days.

Ergo, planning and optimizing doorstep deliveries at scale in real-time for such businesses is extremely challenging. So how does Swiggy pull it off?

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Why it is important to understand addresses to nail real-time deliveries
  • Biggest delivery challenges faced by Swiggy and why traditional map services aren’t enough
  • How does the doorstep delivery problem for Swiggy differ from that encountered by e-commerce platforms like Amazon
  • Critical scaling constraints — particularly order fulfilment in peak season

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