Maptiles API: Create Engaging Branded Experiences with Custom Map Design

Refine your maps tailored to your business and users' needs.

Style your maps based on your data properties - such as POI, traffic, routing, geographical features & more and design your base map with different themes.

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Why choose’s route optimization API?

Enhance the quality of your maps with advanced features, scalable performance and quicker load times.

Create Immersive Experiences

Build a dynamic and fully interactive map experience. The user can smoothly pan, zoom and switch map layers.

Integrate customizable maps into websites, apps and business softwares and scale easily.

Highlight what’s near your business, display weather visualizations, track orders and more.

Create Immersive Experiences
Faster Map Loads

Drive Engagement with Faster Map Loads

Display static maps in websites and apps as images as they are lightweight and fast. In turn, optimizes performance and drives user engagement.

Embed fully featured maps by easily styling customized maps markers.

Visualize fitness activity data, display university maps, track delivery updates, highlight tourist attractions and more.

Mobile-Optimized Maps

Enhance mobile map experience and make it easier to deliver consistent and optimized maps.

Projected on a, modern simplistic map style designed to highlight only the areas of interest and delivering users a seamless map experience. windows, etc

Mobile-Optimized Maps

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Switch from your existing mapping platform with ease. No hassles and complication

Use cases

Travel Platforms

Travel Platforms

Elevate the user’s experience by creating travel itineraries or travel guides with ease.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Get a holistic view of pick up or drop off locations, delivery paths and POIs.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Embed maps in websites and apps to monitor performance insights of the business.



Customize the map styles for flight tracking and infotainment.



Display weather visualizations and forecasts

News and Media

News and Media

Represent the comprehensive data with interactive maps visuals.

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