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Geocoding API: Get Contextual and Accurate Location Data.

Convert geographical locations into geocoordinates
and vice-versa.

Provide your customers with an enhanced search experience with precision and ease of use.

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Why Choose’s Geocoding API?

Be it small or large datasets, our Geocoding API returns the desired output with a faster response time.

Forward and reverse geocoding

  • Convert geographical references such as addresses, POIs and landmarks to lat-long coordinates and vice versa
  • Use forward geocoding for address validation, geospatial analysis and similar use cases
  • Retrieve detailed contextual information about a given location with reverse geocoding
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Forward and reverse geocoding
AutoComplete and AutoSuggest

AutoComplete and AutoSuggest

  • AutoComplete eliminates friction in your user experience — quickly retrieve the locations that your customers are looking for, irrespective of the input type
  • Help users discover personalized areas of interest — AutoSuggest guides them towards nearby places that may be of interest to them
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Custom geocoding abilities

  • Mark POIs based on your user-generated data and reference them as per your requirements
  • Accurately mark rooftop POIs and entry and exit points inside closed buildings
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Custom geocoding abilities

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Use cases

Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking

Convert vehicle coordinates into location information

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Convert coordinates to readable addresses at high volumes

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Convert device coordinates into location information

Image Processing

Image Processing

Convert coordinates from photos into location information



Convert classifieds listings addresses into location information

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Convert coordinates from payment terminals into location information

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Build your own mapping ecosystem with
our AI-powered APIs

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Custom Distance Matrix API, with maximum matrix size of 5000*5000 elements

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