Blog Product Roundup: Q1 2023

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May 22, 2023

In the first quarter of 2023, we launched the flexible versions of our Navigation products, the upgraded Route Optimization API and a new customer portal. 

Find out how these innovative features and enhancements can help your applications thrive in a location-first world and deliver exceptional user experiences.


  • The flexible versions of Directions, Distance Matrix and Navigation APIs enable departure-time-based routing, allow you to choose route type from fastest/shortest, and get truck-specific routes.
  • Highly customizable version of the Route Optimization API that can accommodate 50+ routing constraints with flexible stop sequencing and departure-time-based optimization. 
  • You can manage accounts, monitor usage, and set and receive alerts with Cloud Console. 
  • Route Optimization API webinar with real-world use cases and demo.
  • Q2 Preview – New APIs and tester tools coming soon.

Product Updates

Flexible Navigation APIs

We introduced the flexible versions of our suite of Navigation products, namely Directions, Distance Matrix and Navigation APIs.

You can:

  • Enable time-dependent routing to generate routes that account for traffic conditions around the specified departure time. 
  • Get truck-specific routes by defining the size and weight of the truck fleet.
  • Choose between the shortest route or fastest route options.

Business Benefits:

  • Get more accurate predictions of arrival times to better plan and schedule deliveries/services/trips.
  • Achieve cost savings or maximize speed according to your business preferences by selecting the shortest and fastest routes.
  • Overcome road restrictions and limitations based on size and weight to ensure unrestricted movement for your fleet.

Dive into the documentation to discover in-depth details about’s suite of Navigation APIs.

Route Optimization API V2

The latest version of’s Route Optimization API was developed based on invaluable customer conversations, feedback, and unique business needs.

You can:

  • Modify routes in real-time by adding or removing stops/jobs using dynamic re-optimization.
  • Apply time windows, maximum overtime, and other constraints to optimize jobs.
  • Generate optimized routes for specific departure times by accounting for historical traffic trends relevant to those periods.
  • Incorporate adjustable and relaxed soft constraints, such as extended delivery time windows, during route optimization. 
  • Optimize routes considering the unique characteristics of different vehicle types, such as capacity and speed.

Business Benefits:

  • Decrease unnecessary travel time by making on-the-fly adjustments to accommodate changes in stops/jobs.
  • Reduce the probability of unassigned jobs and enhance on-time performance.
  • Make route planning flexible and adaptable with the ability to incorporate soft constraints.
  • Improve ETA accuracy and lessen the gap between estimated and actual arrival times.
  • Optimize resource allocation, maximize vehicle utilization, and enhance overall fleet efficiency.

Access the documentation to explore more functionalities and comprehensive information about’s Route Optimization API V2.

Customer Portal

Our new customer portal — Cloud Console — helps you monitor API usage, element consumption, errors, and more. 

By keeping a close eye on API usage, you can manage and budget your API spends effectively. It can also help optimize resource allocation, identify potential bottlenecks, and ensure efficient utilization of our services.

Most Popular Resource

We concluded an insightful episode of our Spatial Insider webinar series on Route Optimization API, featuring a demo. It covers how the API, with a built-in Vehicle Routing Problem solver, helps field service companies to optimize routes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Q2 Preview

We’re already halfway through Q2 of 2023, and our team is hard at work to bring you even more exciting products and updates. We have a lineup of new releases planned, all of which will be available to you by or before the end of this quarter. 

We’ll soon launch a host of APIs — Multi Geocoding, Live Tracking, Postal Code and Clustering, and an optimization tester tool.

  • Multi Geocoding API that will help you search, add, get, update and delete places.
  • Postal Code API that will help you retrieve the geographical coordinates and boundaries of a postal code or ZIP code.
  • Clustering API that will help you bundle orders or jobs based on a set of pre-defined properties.

Stay tuned for these innovative additions to our product portfolio as we continue to enhance and expand our offerings to meet your evolving needs.

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