Blog Secures Ryde as a Customer via Google Cloud Marketplace

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May 7, 2024

Within just a quarter of going live on the Google Cloud Marketplace as a partner, has landed its first large customer on the network!

Ryde began its story in 2014 as Singapore’s first carpool app, with a vision to solve the country’s traffic and pollution problem. In the time since, Ryde has expanded to offer a full suite of mobility and delivery options, including employee transportation, quick commerce services, rentals and more.

Previously using Google’s Directions API to support drivers with accurate directions from origin to destination, Ryde soon found their API costs were surging beyond sustainable levels as their operations grew in scale. Thus began their search for a more affordable yet performant alternative. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before they found via Google Cloud Marketplace!

Upon evaluating our Directions API, Ryde concluded that it would be the perfect fit for them. A quick, high-performing solution designed to operate at scale without breaking the bank was exactly what they needed. Moreover, the customizability that offers opens possibilities for Ryde to implement custom route permissions as required in the future. And so, it was decided. Ryde is now officially a customer!’s strategic use of a blend of Directions API calls enables cost-effective solutions with precise ETAs, seamlessly empowering our scaling efforts while optimizing operations for accuracy and sustainability in our growth journey.

— Nitin Dolli, Chief Technology Officer, Ryde Technologies.

Our partnership with GCP is not just a collaboration but a strategic move that is rapidly proving its value to us and our customers alike. It gives’s offerings a wider reach and makes them more visible to those on the platform while making it easier for customers to procure our solutions in a simple and streamlined fashion. The lower barrier to entry for customers also helps accelerate our deal cycles. It’s a winning situation for everyone. has already gained good traction on Google Cloud Marketplace in just a few months, and we’re excited for what’s yet to come.


Get in on the action yourself and see what we have to offer via the Google Cloud Marketplace!

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