Blog and GeoJunxion Launch World’s First Low Emission Zone-Focused Routing APIs

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June 21, 2022

Location and mapping technology has always and will continue to play an important role in solving the biggest environmental problems that we are facing today. Addressing climate challenges in this location-first world that thrives on movement — be it people, goods or resources — calls for innovative geospatial solutions. 

The partnership between, an industry-leading spatial data + AI platform and GeoJunxion (GOJXN.AS), the leading Low Emission Zones and Restricted Traffic Areas data provider is proof of that. This strategic cooperation will help to improve the effectiveness of low emission zones (LEZs) — an initiative that is designed to protect the environment.

First routing platform designed for low emission zones

At present, delivery companies pay hundreds of thousands of euros per year in penalties and fees for delivering goods in or driving non-conforming vehicles through a low emission zone.

Through this collaboration, the two location-tech companies will deliver the first logistics optimization and routing platform tailored to the European LEZs. 

Logistics software developers will get access to first-of-its-kind routing and optimization APIs that account for the rules and regulations governing the low emission zone boundaries across Europe. 

With the + GeoJunxion solution, deliveries within a low emission zone are allocated to LEZ-compliant vehicles only. And non-compliant vehicles are routed around, rather than through these areas to dodge hefty penalties. 

Alleviating the logistics and delivery industry’s pain points 

For these LEZ-focused routing and optimization APIs, is providing both the optimizer to assign adequate orders to vehicles that meet the emission standards and the Road Editor tool to prevent vehicles that fail to meet the standards from entering the zone. 

With the release of this mapping solution, continues to expand its capabilities and address the unique needs of the logistics and delivery industry. 

The mapping, routing and optimization platform can efficiently:

  • Generate custom geocodes for pinpointing the exact delivery location
  • Incorporate temporary or permanent road/area restrictions where deliveries cannot be made throughout the day
  • Leverage historical speed profiles in large distance matrixes
  • Provide real-time traffic-aware ETAs that keep drivers, dispatchers and customers informed about the precise delivery times
  • Provide reliable and scalable truck routing’s Navigation SDK and app utilize these custom features to provide turn-by-turn guidance to drivers. 

“As a young company in the geospatial data space, we are excited about collaborating with GeoJunxion, which has been around for nearly four decades in the mapping industry. We look forward to developing more sustainable and green mapping solutions powered by their location-aware content and customized location intelligence,” said Ajay Bulusu, co-founder of

Building sustainable applications for a better world

The low emission zone-centered routing solution will be the newest addition to GeoJunxion’s expansive portfolio of environmentally-conscious applications. 

GeoJunxion’s API with up-to-date European LEZ geometries and a rich set of relevant attributes is powering this solution.

For this project, GeoJunxion is using its existing database of over 2,500 low emission zones and restricted traffic areas. It contains information about all the areas in cities with:

  • Low Emission Zones (LEZ)
  • Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ)
  • Clean Air Zones (CAZ)
  • Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL)
  • Zero Emission Zones (ZEZ)
  • Congestion zones
  • Environmental zones

The rules, fees, restrictions and fines associated with these areas vary hugely from country to country. GeoJunxion’s database currently includes 2,500+ zones around the world. Most of the zones are located in Europe, where new zones are created on a regular basis. 

Ivo Vleeschouwers, GeoJunxion’s CEO/CFO stated: “Traveling nowadays, either on a personal or professional level, is continuously influenced by an ever-increasing number of restricted zones. This proof-of-concept with shows the value of implementing Low Emission Zones in the logistics and delivery industry solution. By combining the platform with the specific environmental rules and restrictions, we created the first logistics optimization and routing platform tailored to the European Low Emission Zones and other Restricted Traffic Areas.”

Optimizing cost and emissions

This partnership will enable and GeoJunxion’s customers to efficiently plan routes and deliveries in LEZ-regulated areas — a capability that existing mapping providers don’t support/offer presently. 

The exclusive solution will help businesses to boost efficiency, reduce costs and maximize ETA accuracy.

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