Jim Welch

Director of Solutions Engineering

By 2030, over 75% of businesses (across all industries) are expected to fully adopt no-code as their primary means for application development!

It’s clear that no-code holds a lot of potential for companies today, and is expected to completely transform the landscape of application development. This includes improving flexibility and efficiency when developing applications and technologies around map data and geolocation services.

So, how important is it to understand the impact of no-code on application development? Does it really enable non-technical people (like decision-makers) to develop applications without any formal technical training? We’ll answer these important questions, plus more.

In this webinar, you will earn about

  • A brief overview of No-Code development and its impact on developing mapping and geolocation services
  • A look at a couple of different No-Code development platforms as we use them to implement mapping-based applications like a Store Locator and Search.

Watch Now

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