Route Optimization API Annual Plan

One-time purchase of

$2,040.00 | $2,400.00

  • 2k Stops per month
  • 20k Direction API calls per month
  • 20k Snap-to-Road API calls per month
  • 10k Geofencing API calls per month
  • 20k Maptile API calls per month
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Built for Flexibility, Performance and Easy Integration

Applicable across all kinds of optimization problems — solve for unique routing, scheduling,
allocation and assignment use cases

Key Benefits

Highly configurable to your unique business logic

Key Benefits

Easy integration with just a few lines of code

Key Benefits

Built-in custom map stack specific to your use case

Key Benefits

Scalable for high volume, complex problems

What Makes Different? Competitors
Custom vehicle-specific ETAs and routes Calculates ETAs and optimizes routes based on your fleet composition — trucks, minivans, e-scooters, bikes, etc. Limited support for custom vehicles
Proprietary data integration Incorporates all your first-party data and specific business context via advanced ML algorithms Limited provison to include contextual elements
Performance 2X-3X lower latency
10X higher throughput
Average performance
Dedicated support system Proactive and dedicated integration and testing support desk Limited or no support

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