The Problem

As the food delivery vertical continues to grow and customer expectations mount, it became important for this leading food delivery company to keep up with the growing demand without compromising on the quality of service. To continue meeting its ambitious growth goals, the food delivery company needed a far more tailored mapping solution — contrary to the existing rigid options — that would help them achieve:

  • More efficient and on-time deliveries
  • More accurate ETAs
  • Cost reduction on Maps APIs

Our Solution used a two-pronged approach to come up with a viable solution.

First, we established how building and owning the mapping platform is crucial for the company to drive business outcomes and competitive differentiation.

Next, we analyzed and nailed down all the important elements such as custom maps, proprietary first-party data, real-time data, delivery area and hyperlocal nuances that will go into building an effective custom solution to optimize delivery times.

Based on the evaluations, created an exclusive modular mapping stack powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. To help achieve reliable ETAs, hassle-free routing and cost efficiency, we delivered the following solution:

1. Custom maps that can be refreshed, edited and updated

  • Custom maps for roads and sidewalks in LA
  • Detailed maps of apartment complexes with entry/exit locations and parking spots
  • Internal road maps inside apartment complexes

2. Customized and Scalable ETA and Routing APIs

  • APIs that account for on-demand delivery nuances, such as the type of delivery vehicle used
  • Leveraged their proprietary data to learn about the actual driving behavior of their drivers and their preferred routes, and integrated these into the APIs

3. Completely on-premise and cloud-agnostic deployment

  • Higher throughput and lower latency
  • Unlimited API calls that resulted in huge cost savings

The Outcome

We built an end-to-end custom mapping solution that seamlessly packaged custom map data and API. The solution was scaled for LA in a very short time frame. Our on-premise deployment allowed the food delivery company to:

  • Gain complete control over their mapping stack
  • Benefit from higher throughput and unlimited API calls in the form of 40% cost savings

This enabled the company to deliver a superior customer experience at a significantly lower cost compared to their existing map stack. The US-based food delivery company can now focus on its core mission — offer the best-in-class delivery experience to its customers — and not be constrained by the map stack.

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