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Google Maps Was Built To Provide Directions,
Not The Best Possible ETAs And Routes

Estimates are not enough. Your business needs accuracy, scale and performance
Get accurate ETA and distance predictions at lower costs with’s Distance Matrix API

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scroll’s Distance Matrix API is customized
to your unique business needs

FeaturesNextBillion.aiGoogle Maps
PricingAffordable and flexible pricingHigh and rigid pricing
CustomizationCustomizable for your business use caseCannot be customized
Modes of transportOptimized for custom vehicle types (e-scooters, cars, trucks, etc.) Limited support
Matrix SizeOne API call returns up to 5000 origins and 5000 destinationsOne API call returns a maximum of 25 origins and 25 destinations
Proprietary data integrationIncorporates your first-party data and unique business context via advanced ML algorithmsNo provision to include contextual elements
DeploymentDeploy on premise or on any cloud with support for unlimited API callsNo support for on-premise or cloud-agnostic deployment
Performance10-20x higher throughput, 5x lower latencyAverage performance

Get the best value for any volume of API calls that you require

Save up to 2.5X with’s Distance Matrix API

Number of elements per MonthLogoLogo
IcArrow1 to 100KFree$5.0
IcArrow100K to 500K$1.5$4.0
IcArrow500K to 1M$1.2$3.0
IcArrow1M to 5M$0.9$1.5
IcArrow5M to 10M$0.3$0.4

Note: Each Distance Matrix API query generates elements, where the number of origins multiplied by the number of destinations equals the number of elements. Pricing is based on each element returned.

With, you’re free to choose a pricing model that
best suits your business needs

Pay as you go

Pricing based on volume
of API calls


Flat subscription fee
with unlimited API calls for
on-premise deployment


Pricing based on ML
model deployed caters to the unique requirements of each business
and use case. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’.


and Shipping






Route Planning
and Optimization





There’s even more to why’s Distance Matrix API is a
better alternative to Google Distance Matrix API

High Volumes Or Low Costs…
Get both at once

Our 5000*5000 matrix size — compared to Google’s 25*25 — helps accommodate all possible stops, ordering and reordering, assignment, etc. in large-scale functions such as trucking or fleet operations. Google’s price tag gets heavier as you scale. With, you can scale up your operations without worrying about cost feasibility.

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Solve ETA Or Grow Revenue…
Focus On Growth

A hyper-local grocery delivery service is very different from commercial freight. However, the Google Distance Matrix API doesn’t differentiate these use cases, leaving you to do the heavy lifting of optimizing ETAs to your requirements.’s Distance Matrix API solves for functional use cases — we’ll handle your ETAs while you focus on scaling revenue.

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Our customers have spoken, and we’ve won the ‘Rising Star’, ‘Great User Experience’
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  • awards offers mapping expertise that can be quickly customized to suit different business needs. They were able to swiftly integrate our proprietary data set and provide a tailored solution.

- Chief Architect, Freight Tiger

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Easy to use and integrate

Distance Matrix API request

POST /distancematrix/json


originsArrayLocations of origins

Format: lat0,lng0|lat1,lng1|...

Regex: ^[\d.-]+,[\d.-]+(|[\d.-]+,[\d.-]+)*$
destinationsArrayLocations of destinations

Format: lat0,lng0|lat1,lng1|...

Regex: ^[\d.-]+,[\d.-]+(|[\d.-]+,[\d.-]+)*$
modeStringMode of service.


Default: ""
departureTimeNumberDeparture time.

Format: unix timestamp.

Unit: seconds.

Values : will depend on use case

API request example

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 { "departure_time": 0, "destinations": "1.34881159,103.8836298%7C1.33422437,103.88912296%7C1.3146602,103.8975343", "key": "string", "mode": "4w", "origins": "1.33388114,103.83195972%7C1.31483182,103.82904148%7C1.30333351,103.84878254" }

API response example

{ "status":"Ok", "rows":[ {"elements":[ {"duration":{"value":675},"distance":{"value":7868}}, {"duration":{"value":674},"distance":{"value":8201}}, {"duration":{"value":784},"distance":{"value":10963}}]}, {"elements":[{"duration":{"value":767},"distance":{"value":10301}}, {"duration":{"value":766},"distance":{"value":10633}}, {"duration":{"value":838},"distance":{"value":11766}}]}, {"elements":[{"duration":{"value":769},"distance":{"value":8465}}, {"duration":{"value":788},"distance":{"value":10459}}, {"duration":{"value":695},"distance":{"value":7981}}]} ] }

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