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NextBillion helps engineering and product teams improve operational efficiency with more precise maps. Increasing successful deliveries, customer satisfaction, while reducing stress for drivers.

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Innovation to Fuel Unprecedented Growth

In the past year we have seen unprecedented growth in Last Mile Delivery. To exceed rising customer expectations, we need a hyper local and hyper tailored mapping solution. NextBillion provides maps that help optimize routes to save costs, precise delivery points to increase customer satisfaction, and better directions to decrease driver stress.

Here is Where NextBillion Helps 👇
  • Superior ETAs for Optimization
  • Hyper Local Customization
  • Geocode standardization
  • Intelligent Driver Routes

Superior ETAs for Optimization

Optimize for time while saving money by doing infinite distance matrix calls to fuel your route optimization.

Hyper Local Customization

Mapping for hyper local nuances that incorporates parking scenarios, path obstructions, and building entrances.

Geocode Standardization

Different languages and countries provide different challenges. Enhance your geocode recognition for timely delivery.

Better Driver Directions

Leverage NextBillion’s engines to create more accurate routes and directions than Google. Solely based on your vehicle types and driving behaviors.

Metrics from NextBillion Customers in Last Mile Delivery

Increased Utilization of Maps APIs by


Better Delivery Routes Decreasing Drive Time by


Improved Route Optimization by


Parcels Delivered to the Right Location


Your Maps Your Application

Experience hyper local technology that is tailored to your applications. Turbo charge your mapping environment with better performance, more accuracy, and higher precision.

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