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Difference between common vehicle and truck fleet journeys


Truck and commercial freight vehicle journeys are incredibly complex in comparison to those of common vehicles.
Be it short-haul trucks delivering goods within a given region or long-haul trucks traversing highways and crossing borders, there are numerous business-critical variables that directly impact trucking operations and eventual business outcomes.

Common Vehicle Journeys

  • Journeys are typically short, with only a few extending to longer distances
  • Simple, linear journeys with fewer destinations and mid-journey stops
  • Mostly travel on regular roads with few route restrictions and known performance characteristics
  • Since journeys are short and mostly within well-known areas, exposure to risk is minimal
  • Regular vehicles do not have to adhere to strict schedules and regulatory restrictions

Truck Fleet Journeys

  • Truck journeys are typically longer and more complex, covering thousands of kilometers crossing borders
  • Involve multiple stops that need ordering and reordering, e.g. unloading points, fuel stations, etc
  • Truck routes have to comply with regulatory restrictions, and need to be optimized for vehicle type, fuel and time
  • Higher risk to driver, vehicle and goods places emphasis on safety, including vehicle wear and tear
  • Trucks must adhere to specific routes, departure times and other vehicle-specific parameters’s Distance Matrix API for Trucking

Truck routing is an intricate operation that must account for a multitude of nuances that affect trip time, safety and operational costs. Truck height, weight, load, number of stops, fuel consumption are just a few of the many data points that should be integrated when evaluating truck ETAs and routes.

Available off-the-shelf APIs are not equipped to account for these trucking-specific requirements and deliver only suboptimal ETAs and routes. This directly impacts turnaround times and jeopardizes truck fleet operations.’s Distance Matrix API focuses on solving for reliable trucking-specific ETAs. We help trucking companies customize their ETAs based on truck type (16-, 8- or 4-wheeler), weight, route preferences, no. of stops, regulatory requirements and all other related nuances. Our advanced ML algorithms combine first-party data, second-party data and live traffic to give the fastest truck-optimized route with highly accurate ETA and distance predictions.


Get the most out of your truck fleet with’s Distance Matrix

Large Matrix Size Maps All Required Stops

Supports 5000*5000 matrix size to account for all possible stops, ordering and reordering of stops such as fuel stations, tolls, loading/unloading stops, weighing stops, warehouses, etc.

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Customizations Based On Vehicle And Operational Data

Account for truck height restrictions, weight, speed profiles, driving behavior and more, for different types of trucks — 6-wheelers, 16-wheelers, minivans, etc.

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Incorporation Of Regional Nuances

Customize ETAs and routes according to local speed limits, entry/exit points, permits, time restrictions, access restrictions, road type, topography, etc.

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Optimization For Fuel And Operational Expenses

Minimize fuel consumption and capital expenses based on historical travel patterns and preferred routes, optimal departure time and other relevant data signals.

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Key Benefits

40% reduction
in costs

Trucking ETAs

10x higher

deployment supported

customizations’s Distance Matrix API is a smarter fit for trucking
than other APIs. Try it and see for yourself.


Why’s Distance Matrix API
trumps other popular solutions

Matrix size supported 5000 * 5000 25 * 25 25 * 25
Time-dependent routing Rule-based routing based on optimal departure and permitted time Not supported Not supported
Truck-type customizations Regulates routes based on truck type and weight Not supported Not supported
Proprietary routing preferences Routing based on historical travel patterns and driver behavior Not supported Not supported
Regional and local regulations Delivers ETAs and routes compliant with hyper-local nuances Not supported Not supported

Unbeatable Prices


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Number of elements per Month
1 to 100K Free Free $5.0
100K to 500K $1.5 $2.0 $4.0
500K to 1M $1.2 $1.6 $3.0
1M to 5M $0.9 $1.2 $1.5
5M to 10M $0.3 $0.4

Note: Each Distance Matrix API query generates elements, where the number of origins multiplied by the number of destinations equals the number of elements. Pricing is based on each element returned.

Flexible Pricing Model


Choose the pricing option that’s right for your business.

Harness industry-leading performance at industry-beating prices.

Pay as you go

Pricing based on volume
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Flat subscription fee
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Pricing based on ML
model deployed

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★★★★★ offers mapping expertise that can be quickly customised to suit different business needs. They were able to swiftly integrate our proprietary data set and provide a tailored solution.

– Jebu Ittiachen, Chief Architect, Freight Tiger


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