Effortless and Compliant Transportation Routing and Navigation with NextBillion.ai

Create a better experience for passengers and drivers alike by lowering waiting and travel times with an AI-powered location stack. Achieve smarter planning, routing and navigation.

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Overcome Transportation Challenges With NextBillion.ai

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100% compliance with local regulations

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Enterprise- and developer-friendly APIs and SDKs

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Advanced location-based analytics

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AI-powered routing and navigation

Assembling Your Modern Transportation Solution

Build a Comprehensive Routing Solution

Use the Route Optimization API and Navigation SDK to help drivers get directions for the most efficient routes between multiple locations, accounting for live traffic data and other factors.

Public Transportation
Public Transportation

Stay 100% Compliant With Local Regulations

Use the Road Editor Tool to direct drivers through authorized routes only and avoid any prohibited areas. Incorporate custom route permissions and real-time updates.

Generate Accurate Routes and ETAs

Use the large Distance Matrix API to compute distances and ETAs between any given set of origins and destinations, be it for one-to-many or many-to-many scenarios.

Public Transportation
Public Transportation

Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Optimize routes and maximize efficiency with the Route Optimization API. Ensure that your transportation solutions are efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Flexible Pricing Models

Pricing options for transportation businesses of any scale

Pay as you go

Pricing based on volume of API calls or users


Flat subscription fee with unlimited API calls for on-premise deployment


Pricing based on ML model deployed

Drive Transportation With Powerful APIs and Tools

Routing API

Route Optimization API

Get optimized routes that result in reduced operational costs and increased productivity

Routing API

Road Editor Tool

Add and customize routing permissions to achieve 100% compliant navigation

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix API

Calculate travel distances and estimated arrival times between multiple origins and destinations

Navigation SDK

Navigation SDK

Offer a safe and seamless and intuitive user experience for passengers and drivers with real-time navigation

Maximize Efficiency with Hyperlocal Route Optimization. A Must Watch!

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Build compliant and efficient transportation routing and navigation systems with NextBillion.ai