AI-powered Route Optimization API to Streamline Routing, Scheduling & Dispatch Decisions

Benefit from an intelligent, customizable routing and optimization stack that integrates with your business seamlessly. Allocate tasks, optimize routes, build realistic schedules and dispatch your workforce efficiently.

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Built for Flexibility, Performance and Easy Integration



The API helps you manage multiple resources effortlessly. Experience seamless workload distribution, optimized schedules and routes, ensuring minimal conflicts.


Versatility Across

The API caters to a broad spectrum of business use cases and industries like fleet management, waste management, trucking, or beyond.



The API integrates into your existing tech stack like a breeze with just a few lines of code. Effortlessly infuse the power of optimization into your operations.



The API is engineered to meet your demands, capable of effortlessly handling high volumes of requests and tackling complex challenges.

Configure and Customize for Your Business Logic

Factoring in a range of variables, including vehicle capacity, time windows, service duration, skills, and more, our Route Optimization API facilitates intelligent assignment decisions.

The algorithm efficiently identifies optimal vehicles, service personnel, and task sequences for precise matching and dispatch.

Distancematrix API Visual
Distancematrix API Visual

Streamline Reverse Logistics

Seamlessly pair goods and strategize return trips to the closest distribution centers or warehouses. Alternatively, map appropriate experts to specific tasks like demos or repairs.

Achieve cost-efficient routes tailored to each scenario.

Reduce Fuel Consumption and lower Logistics Cost

Considering variables such as traffic patterns, road attributes, and vehicle performance,'s Route Optimization API determines the optimal stop sequence, reducing fuel usage and overall travel distance.

Enhance cost-effectiveness by lowering average logistics expenses per order and maximizing deliveries per vehicle.

Distancematrix API Visual

Dynamic Routing for Seamless Field Operations

Swiftly adjust to shifting priorities and service calls with on-the-fly route optimization. Incorporate live traffic data to enhance punctuality, ensuring field services remain efficient and dependable.

Distancematrix API Visual
Distancematrix API Visual

Enhance Asset Utilization, Coverage and Task Fulfillment

Optimize asset utilization to deliver top-notch customer service. Automate task assignment and technician dispatch, factoring in availability and skills.

Minimize travel time and maximize resource use with optimized sequencing.

Fast Reordering of Stops and Sequences

Robust optimization engine with AI-powered algorithms that compute sequences in seconds.

Couple this with cloud-agnostic and on-premise deployment options, and get reordered sequences almost instantaneously, whenever the need arises.

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AI-powered Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Planning

Leverage Route Optimization API to efficiently address your operational challenges, whether for waste collection trucks or public transportation.

Handle mixed vehicles, tight service windows, and specific routing needs effectively, ensuring optimal driver dispatch and routing.

Distancematrix API Visual
Distancematrix API Visual

Facilitate Dedicated Routes for Emergency Vehicles

Grant emergency vehicles special permissions to access restricted zones and pedestrian areas, substantially improving their efficiency and enhancing response time.

Customize restricted zones and designated areas for emergency vehicles as needed.

Enhanced Visibility, Safety and Compliance

Adhere to speed limits, vehicle-based road restrictions, and time-restricted roads seamlessly. Guide drivers exclusively through authorized routes and circumvent prohibited zones.

Integrate personalized route permissions and stay informed with real-time updates.

Distancematrix API Visual

Pricing that Works for Every Business

Choose a pricing option that’s right for your business needs


Pricing based on the number of assets


Pricing based on subscription packs of products and services


Tailored pricing to meet specific business needs

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