Route Optimization API for Smart Routing and Assignment Decisions

Assign routes, allocate tasks or dispatch workforce with’s highly configurable optimization and routing stack. Incorporate your business rules and get the most efficient allocation and routing strategy.

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Built for Flexibility, Performance and Easy Integration

Applicable across all kinds of optimization problems — solve for unique routing, scheduling,
allocation and assignment use cases

Key Benefits

Highly configurable to your unique business logic

Key Benefits

Easy integration with just a few lines of code

Key Benefits

Built-in custom map stack specific to your use case

Key Benefits

Scalable for high volume, complex problems

How it works

How it works Read Integration Docs

Plug-and-Play Route Optimization API Configurable to Your Unique Optimization Needs

Whether you are solving a traveling salesman or a vehicle routing problem, we’ve got you covered Just intergrate, configure and go!

Configure and Customize for Your Business Logic

Mixed fleets, strict pick-up and delivery time windows, special routing requirements — whatever your business constraints, integrate and make the right decisions.

Account for all the parameters that your business logic needs and generate the most optimized assigment, allocation and routing sequences.

Distancematrix API Visual
Distancematrix API Visual

Inbuilt Custom Map Stack Tailored to Your Specific Use Cases

Private, custom map stack that incorporates all the attributes critical to your routing and sequencing decisions, like vehicle type, road conditions, restrictions, traffic regulations, etc. This helps you scale seamlessly and improve operational performance at a much lower cost. Traditional mapping solutions don’t offer this.

Accurate ETAs and Optimized Routes Mapped to Your Business Needs

Real-time routing engine that takes into account all operational data such as traffic, speed profiles, vehicle type (2-wheelers, minivans, bikes, etc.) and relevant first-party data to generate highly accurate ETAs and effective routes for your business logic. Ensure realistic ETAs, timely arrivals and smooth operations at lower cost per mile.

Distancematrix API Visual
Distancematrix API Visual

Fast Reordering of Stops and Sequences

Robust optimization engine with AI-powered algorithms that compute sequences in seconds. Couple this with cloud-agnostic and on-premise deployment options, and get reordered sequences almost instantaneously, whenever the need arises.

Unbeatable Pricing

Get the best value for any volume of API calls that you may need

What Makes Different? Competitors
Custom vehicle-specific ETAs and routes Calculates ETAs and optimizes routes based on your fleet composition — trucks, minivans, e-scooters, bikes, etc. Limited support for custom vehicles
Proprietary data integration Incorporates all your first-party data and specific business context via advanced ML algorithms Limited provison to include contextual elements
Performance 2X-3X lower latency
10X higher throughput
Average performance
Dedicated support system Proactive and dedicated integration and testing support desk Limited or no support

Value We Bring to You

Highly Scalable at Low Cost

Highly Scalable at Low Cost

Solve for all your complexities at scale — make efficient, cost-effective routing and assignment decisions.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Proactive support right from integration and testing to production — a level of service not many providers offer.

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Solve simple to complex routing, assignment and allocation problems with’s Route Optimization API