APIs & SDKs to boost your distribution and middle-mile logistics operations

Ensure seamless transportation between hubs through systematic routing and navigation. Minimize lead times and expedite transfers among warehouses, and fulfillment centers for optimal logistics performance.

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Simplifying the Complexities of Middle Mile Logistics


Multi Resource

Multiple vehicle handling with varied dimensions and attributes simultaneously.


Scalability &

Add custom attributes like payload, permits, time windows, and restrictions.


Integration with

Integrate with Samsara and other leading ERPs like MS Dynamics, Oracle Netsuite.


Sustainable & Eco-friendly

Keep resource cost and consumption in check for a healthy bottom line & low environmental impact.

Optimize Distribution & Middle Mile Logistics

Advanced Routing Algorithms to Plan Distribution Network Connections

Advanced routing algorithms for unparalleled efficiency in supply chain network planning that is designed for scalability and the demands of modern middle-mile logistics.

Deliver the most profitable routes and schedules

Leverage advanced route optimization, real-time traffic and add business-specific constraints like cold-chain, hazmat, etc to plan the most efficient route schedules and ensure ETA adherence.

Routing and Network Optimization with Predictive Forecasting

Leverage predictive forecasting for efficient route planning and network design. Utilize advanced algorithms and data insights to dynamically adjust routes, anticipate bottlenecks, and meet changing transportation demands. Ensure a consistently optimized transport strategy.

Truck Routing Visual
Truck Routing Visual

Optimize Capacity Utilization for Enhanced Asset Performance

Ensure smart utilization of vehicle capacity. Both underuse and excessive use can disrupt smooth logistics flow and lead to unwanted hold-ups.

Enhance Total Vehicle Load Efficiency

NextBillion.ai Optimization enables distribution and timing that maximize the use of available space. Allocate consignments considering not just their weight but also the volume constraints of each vehicle.

Minimize Turnaround Duration

Prioritize efficient and shorter pathways based on vehicle profiles and load type to reduce the overall time taken for each journey. Extract the most from your existing assets by managing their operational hours effectively.

Ensure Compliance & Tracking for Total control of In-Transit Operations

Stay updated on the status and whereabouts of every vehicle. Get alerted when your driver speeds up, chooses an alternative path, or faces hold-ups. Avoid higher-risk roads and zones to ensure the safety of goods and drivers.

Monitor Every Logistics Shift in Real-Time

Pinpoint the precise location and current status of all vehicles in motion. Be informed whenever your driver accelerates, opts for a different route, or experiences delays.

Ensure Compliance with State and Local Regulations

Stay compliant by adhering to local and state transportation laws. Easily update road closures and restrictions to reflect changes in routes and navigation, ensuring every journey is within legal parameters.

Truck Routing Visual

Pricing that Works for Every Business

Choose a pricing option that’s right for your business needs


Pricing based on the number of assets


Pricing based on subscription packs of products and services


Tailored pricing to meet specific business needs

Seamless Integrations with Top Enterprise Clouds, ERPs and CRMs

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Logistics and Shipping

Route Optimization API

Logistics and Shipping

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Distance Matrix API

Fleet Management

Clustering API

Route Planning and Optimization

Road Editor Tool

Ride Hailing

Live Tracking API

Long Haul Trucking

Snap To Road API

Long Haul Trucking

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