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Custom Distance Matrix API for your unique business needs —get accurate ETAs and Distances. Reduce the cost of scaling up your business and reach positive unit economics.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

40% reduction
in costs

Key Benefits

ETA accuracy

Key Benefits

10x higher

Key Benefits

On-premise deployment supported

Key Benefits

ML-powered customization for use cases


Distance Matrix API computes travel times and distances between a set of origins and destinations — for one-to-many/many-to-many start and endpoints.

The API call returns a matrix of ETA and distances for each origin and destination pair.

D1 D2
01 TO1D1
02 TO2D1

*T = ETA in mins, D = Distance in kms

Distance Matrix API solves operations and routing challenges faced by logistics, shipping, delivery, fleet management, mobility and urban infrastructure companies by predicting accurate distances and arrival times.

Why Distance Matrix API

The existing plug-and-play APIs are not built for the modern enterprise’s needs.
They do not take take into account specific business needs the way does.

Customizable APIs mapped to your business

Computes accurate ETAs and Distances based on the vehicle type- trucks, minivans, cars, motorbikes or e-scooters – depending on business needs. Customizations also incorporates preferred routes, driving speed, traffic rules and regional nuances unlike the existing ready to use APIs

Distancematrix API Visual
Distancematrix API Visual

High volume at low cost

Route optimization demands the ability to call a very large number (eg: 500 origins, 500 destinations) of API calls at very low latencies. Besides the volume constraint, existing solutions come with a heavy price tag. With our Distance Matrix API, you can scale without worrying about price vs Competitors Competitors
Matrix size supported 5000 * 5000 25 * 25
Time-dependent routing Rule-based, time-dependent calculation integrated with map editing capabilities Not supported
Latency and throughput 2X-3X lower latency
10X-20X higher throughput
Mode of deployment On-premise and cloud-agnostic deployment No on-premise deployment
Pricing Flexible, customized pricing for every business model Fixed, inflexible pricing

Industries that benefit from Distance Matrix API

With's AI and ML-powered Distance Matrix APIs:
Achieve operational efficiency | Improve unit economics | Increase gross margins

Logistics and Shipping

and Shipping

On-demand Deliveries


Fleet Management


Route Planning and Optimization

Route Planning
and Optimization

Ride Hailing


Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul

Easy to use and integrate

Distance Matrix API request

POST /distancematrix/json


Name Required Type Description
origins ✅ Array Locations of origins
Format: lat0,lng0|lat1,lng1|…
Regex: ^[d.-]+,[d.-]+(|[d.-]+,[d.-]+)*$
destinations ✅ Array Locations of destinations
Format: lat0,lng0|lat1,lng1|…
Regex: ^[d.-]+,[d.-]+(|[d.-]+,[d.-]+)*$
mode String Mode of service.
Default: “”
departureTime Number Departure time.
Format: unix timestamp.
Unit: seconds.
Values : will depend on use case

API request example

    "departure_time": 0,
    "destinations": "1.34881159,103.8836298%7C1.33422437,103.88912296%7C1.3146602,103.8975343",
    "key": "string",
    "mode": "4w",
    "origins": "1.33388114,103.83195972%7C1.31483182,103.82904148%7C1.30333351,103.84878254"

API response example

{"elements":[ {"duration":{"value":675},"distance":{"value":7868}},

Flexible Pricing Models

Choose a pricing option that’s right for your trucking needs

Pay as you go

Pricing based on volume of API calls or users


Flat subscription fee with unlimited API calls for on-premise deployment


Pricing based on ML model deployed

Unbeatable Prices

Save up to 2.5X with’s Distance Matrix API

Number of elements per Month NB logo Google Maps
1 to 100K $1.80 $5.00
100K to 500K $1.50 $4.00
500K to 1M $1.20 -
1M to 5M $0.90 -

Volume-based pricing: Cost per thousand requests | By monthly usage volume | Prices shown in USD

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