What Is NextBillion.ai
and Is It a Good Fit for Me?

NextBillion.ai is an API-first platform built for solving routing and navigation challenges for businesses worldwide. It provides a powerful optimization engine with proactive product support and flexible pricing.

Today's Business Pain Points


optimization engine

Many businesses struggle with basic optimization engines that restrict their ability to achieve optimal solutions.

NextBillion.ai’s powerful optimization engine offers 50+ constraints, sophisticated task scheduling and more to emulate real-world scenarios.


product support

Standard product support kicks in after purchase, leaving you to navigate evaluation and set-up complexities alone.

NextBillion.ai provides hands-on assistance from solutions engineers and product experts to help you build the best possible solution for your specific problem.



Most routing platforms lock you into pre-built pricing plans, leading to unpredictable costs.

NextBillion.ai offers flexible pricing that adapts to your business model, ensuring cost predictability. This lets you anticipate costs accurately and avoid surprises.


Understand if NextBillion.ai Is Right for Your Business


Is your business digital native?

Yes? NextBillion.ai’s API-first platform is built for businesses like yours.

Our APIs and SDKs are designed to solve optimization, navigation and tracking challenges specific to born-digital companies.

With API-first approach, you get to add these functionalities directly within your platforms and mobile apps.


Is low latency crucial for streamlining your operations?

NextBillion.ai’s solutions are designed for speed and scalability.

Our high-performance and low-latency APIs are built to handle massive datasets and deliver fast results.

You get accurate ETAs, and optimized route plans and schedules even for complex nationwide operations involving thousands of orders and vehicles.


Off-the-shelf solutions failing to optimize your unique workflows?

The struggle ends here. Solve your business’ unique use cases with NextBillion.ai

Utilize over 50 route optimization parameters, complementary APIs and AI-powered map tools to fit any workflow, no matter how complex. Trusted by 15+ industries across hundreds of use cases.


Struggling with optimal route planning in your supply chain?

NextBillion.ai has your back.

Our team, with decades of experience, specializes in end-to-end supply chain optimization. This includes complex use cases like middle-mile, last-mile deliveries and specialized scheduling.

With us, simplify the complexities of multi-route and multi-stop planning. Ensure compliance with safety regulations for long-haul routes.


Need a solution that easily integrates with your current systems?

NextBillion.ai does exactly that.

Our API-first approach makes integration effortless — minimal resources and no disruption to your existing workflows.

Integrate our APIs with your existing tech infrastructure, including top CRMs, ERPs and telematics platforms.

Scale Fast, Go Live Faster With the API-First
Routing and Navigation Platform


Outgrown Google

See why enterprises are switching to NextBillion.ai.


Stuck with HERE’s
passive support?

Choose NextBillion.ai’s 9.6-rated support.


Google Maps pinching
your budget?

Save up tp 60% with

Trusted by Enterprises
and Start-Ups Worldwide

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Is NextBillion a good match for your use case?

From world's top enterprises to disruptive startups, all scale with NextBillion.ai.
Is it the right fit for you?

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