Brittany Traylor,

Founder and CEO,

Bryan Singleton

Head of Enterprise Sales,

With the scale and complexity of modern supply chain logistics, it’s easy to see how efficient trip planning has become a lynchpin for success in the trucking industry. In an era where every mile, minute and dollar count, the strategic orchestration of truck journeys helps maximize productivity and profitability, and can be the difference between organizational growth and stagnation. 

So, given the importance of efficient route planning, how would you go about achieving it? How big a role does location technology play in today’s trucking industry? Is there reason to be apprehensive about incorporating such technology into your operations?

Few are better equipped to answer such questions than Brittany Traylor (Founder and CEO, TraylorTranspo). As a former truck driver who worked without the luxury of route optimization software and now an entrepreneur who took her company from zero to $1.4M of revenue in just one year, Brittany is intimately familiar with both sides of the trucking industry. Join our webinar, hosted by Bryan Singleton (Sales Director,, to get Brittany’s take on:

  • The current state of location technology in trucking
  • Challenges and opportunities for truckers
  • How route optimization helps truckers and the organizational value it brings 
  • Objections to integrating location technology into operations
  • Advice for to-be entrepreneurs

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