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Dear Customer

Welcome to

Thanks for choosing Nextbillion AI and we are excited to share the Geocode,Rev geocode, Snap to Road, Directions and Distance Matrix APIs that we have enabled for you in Pan India. Our API documentation is here & also you can refer to the Postman link for examples .

Your base URL is and your API key is 2a35fd74cd3d43e5a4bb16a3329255a4. 

Please find the sample API calls below,


Distance Matrix:,72.83091376|19.11624824,72.83992503&destinations=19.11119632,72.83007271|19.10620101,72.83986495&key=2a35fd74cd3d43e5a4bb16a3329255a4

Snap to road:,72.83175482|19.12670490,72.83096890|19.11558069,72.83449438&key=2a35fd74cd3d43e5a4bb16a3329255a4

Geocoding: of india&key=2a35fd74cd3d43e5a4bb16a3329255a4

Reverse geocoding:,72.83371&key=2a35fd74cd3d43e5a4bb16a3329255a4

We have also provided a web-based viewer for these APIs. You can go to, put in your base URL, API key, and select india from the region selection dropdown.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, we’ll be happy to assist.

Thank you Support Team